Monday, June 30, 2008

Como Brings Home the Bacon

According to Elizabeth Benjamin of the NY Daily Politics, despite the recent budget fiasco newly elected Councilman Como has brought the bacon home to the district.

June 29, 2008
Pork Lite (Updated)

Here's the latest Schedule C - the list of discretionary funding (AKA "pork" ) that will be doled out by the Council in the coming year.

It's $46 million, which is 8 percent less than last year's $50 million.

Despite the reduction, even the Council's newest member - Queens Republican Anthony Como - who was just sworn in earlier this month, got member item cash.

More than 2,000 nonprofits were awarded grants, but some 200 - including the Brooklyn-based Donna Reid Memorial Education fund, which was at the heart of the first indictments of the ongoing Council slush fund probe - got nothing at all.

There's a lot of anger out there in the nonprofit world, and a number of cultural institutions are predicting the reduction in funds could lead to layoffs.

UPDATE: The speaker's press office on Sunday released a list of errors in Schedule C. It appears in full after the jump.

A small number of organizations that were erroneously listed in Schedule C have been identified.

The errors identified thus far are as follows:
Section 1 of Schedule C:

* DYCD Food Pantries Initiative, Page 46
Planned Parenthood is listed erroneously with an allocation of $368,000.

Section 2 of Schedule C:

* Alliance for Community Services is listed erroneously for allocations of $135,000 and $11,500 on page 5 and for $51,714 on page 148.

* For A Better Bronx is erroneously listed with a $10,000 allocation on page 42.

* SCAN-New York Volunteer Parent * Aides Association, Inc. has been identified erroneously as a fiscal conduit on page 158.

* Parkville Youth Organization, Inc. is listed erroneously with a $5,000 allocation on page 164.
* Man Up is listed erroneously with a $40,000 allocation on page 172.

* Bronx African American Chamber of Commerce is listed erroneously with a $10,000 allocation on page 179.

* Project Renewal is listed erroneously in Section 2 and should be listed in Section 1 under Homeless Services.

* Chess in Schools is listed erroneously in Section 2 and should be listed in Section 1 under Youth and Community Development.

* Young Women's Leadership Foundation is listed erroneously in Section 2 and should be listed in Section 1 under Education.

Once the Council has gathered additional information on any other errors in Schedule C, and has received additional information from the State Attorney General and the Mayor's Office of Contract Services on the status of the organizations listed with an asterisk as pending, a transparency resolution will be publicly considered and voted on this summer.

The Council will notify each relevant agency of the above errors and direct that these funds not to be processed.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Anthony for acting so fast and effectively. Now you have the tough part ahead of you, bringing this community together. Eliminate the pettiness and invite all to participate EQUALLY. We will always be stronger together than we could ever apart. If anyone can do this, you are the one.

In The Land Of The Blind The One Eye Man Is King

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Tony absolutely has the potential to unite the warring neighborhood factions. I just don't think that Holden and crew are interested in harmony.

In A Populace With Diarrhea The Man Hoarding Toilet Paper Is King