Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Holden, Wilkinson and Avella's Impotence

I haven't stop laughing since last night because I've been thinking about Holden, Wilkinson and Avella crying over their abysmal election failure last night.

Once again, Bobby, Christina and Tony have proven they are politically impotent and personally bankrupt.

Consequently, the two candidates that they supported came in last as opposed to the two candidates Holden, Wilkinson, Avella and Crappy attacked over and over again.

The end is drawing near for these despicable individuals and we are over come with joy.


Anonymous said...

Does that little Holden girl have a car? I doubt it. You would think with all the walking around yesterday she would be more fit.

One of Ober's people gave me one of his lit papers at my polling site yesterday. I thought she was smarter than backing the obvious loser in the race.

Ah well, one a loser always a loser.


Anonymous said...

I caught Avella with Ober at 119 trying to get voters in for photo-ops.... trouble was nobody knew who he was.

Smart move Ober, Politics 101: Find support in your own neighborhood before you decide to run


Anonymous said...

The time will come for the NEW Councilmember to attend a JPCA meeting and address the JPCA members. Wouldn't it be great if our newly elected Councilmember gave a speech like this:

It is my pleasure to be here this evening to meet and greet the members of the JPCA. I thank you for your support and look forward to serving you to the best of my abilities. My dedicated staff and I are anxious to work with you and all the residents of our communities to improve the quality of life for yourselves and your families.

I do however have a problem with working with the leadership of this organization, the JPCA. For years now the JPCA leadership has continually demonstarated an unwillingness to work with most of the elected officials in our communities and with other community and civic leaders. They have continually and purposely attacked and maligned anyone that doesn't march in lockstep with them. The current JPCA leadership refuses to discuss and negotiate possible solutions to problems, instead pursuing a "slash & burn" policy whereby they believe they can achieve their goals through intimidation, character assasination and the total distortion of reality. In case no one has realized this yet, that policy is not working. Instead the JPCA leadership has had more doors closing on them than ever before. This is unfortunate especially since the JPCA use to be such a positive force in our communities. That is of course before it's leadership started to believe that they were bigger than the organization they serve, that their personal agendas were more important than the needs of it's members and our communities.

Therefore, I will not work with or be of assistance to the current JPCA leadership, unless of course there is a drastic change in their tactics or a change in leadership.

HOWEVER, I will always be available to work with and assist you, not as a member of the JPCA, but rather as a member of our community, the 30th Council District.

If there are any issues you would like to discuss at this time, I will be happy to meet with you outside of this meeting hall.

Thank you.

In The Land Of The Blind The One Eyed Man Is King

Anonymous said...

Big Loser Tom Ognibene
10 years of thivery is not the type of Experience that Counts!

The Voters rejected him!

Anonymous said...

If this contest was about how far you can hit a Golf Ball Tom Ognibene would have won... After all thats what he did the entire campaign!

Anonymous said...

I think Ognibene may have been to busy pulling a Fossella with his Lover Lady to concentrate on actually getting elected.

Anonymous said...

Latanzio 1 Ognibene 0

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg sent his people in to help Como just to spite Ognibene If Ognibene were to be elected our District would have seen nothing at all!

Anonymous said...

The JPCA band of Losers can take their CRAP and realize that the 10 people who comment have no influence in this distrct!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Anthony Como may not be the brightest bulb but he knew enough to take community activist and get them involved in his campaign.

Ober picked Avella what a joke!
Ognibene picked Holden and Uhlrich A bigger Joke!

Anonymous said...

I really believe that if Tom Ognibene had not accepted Bob Holdens support he would have won. He haS BEEN ASLEEP FOR THE PAST FEW YEARS! He dosn't realize just how hated this egomanaic is!

Anonymous said...

Ognibene to Be a Judge

Ognibene to be Mayor

Ognibene to regain Council Seat

Anonymous said...

Christine Wilkinson will be home eating ice cream for the rest of the week

Anonymous said...


This site started as a place for reasoned discussion of local issues; issues distorted by Bobby Holden and the JPCA.

However, the commentary has become as loathsome as those on the NY Daily News site: full of vulgarities, innuendo, personal insults, and juvenile behavior.

Two cases in point:

“Tony Tulips” is repugnant because of his actions on the community board and on the civic association. However, his daughter should not be the object of personal derision, sexual harassment, and degradation.

Christina Wilkerson: love her or hate, she devotes countless hours to community causes. She is a responsible birder working to preserve local wildlife. She also works tirelessly for local preservation. If she divorced herself from the JPCA, she would likely be heralded as a valued community leader. Sadly, her association with Bobby H has ruined any chances she might have had for leadership. She has lowered herself to smearing those the JPCA opposes. So, in the end, like the old saying “At least Mussolini made the trains run on time,” her negatives outweigh her positives.

Still, there is absolutely no reason to post (or for Patrick to allow) attacks upon her physical stature. We do not know her health. We do not know her personal life. She appears to be overweight, but might have other medical issues that are none of our business. It is time to stop.

With obesity at epidemic levels in our country, nary a family can escape weight issues. Our children, our parents, ourselves; weight is an issue for a large portion of society. So let’s stop our acts of cruelty.

Just last week, a Kindergartener was voted out of his class after the (idiot) teacher had the five year old stand before the class while other students told him why they did not like him. This child has Asperger’s Syndrome – a form of autism. How many of us would condone that if the child were ours?

Well, we are condoning it by doing the same thing as adults. I am not sure about our maturity level since the commentary is often no better than in that Kindergarten. Patrick, in this instance, you are the “teacher.” It is time to take back control, elevate the standards, and to remind posters that their vile comments will not be permitted to be posted.

Failing anything less than that, this site will have earned the ignominious distinction of being no better than the personal attacks perpetuated by Holden & Company.

Anonymous said...

Chalk up yet ANOTHER failure to the JPCA executive board. When will they ever learn that they don't speak for the community, only their own narrow self interests. The charade that they have any clout must stop.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why there's so much criticism of Wilkinson's weight. Take a look at the photo of the JPCA marching in the Memorial Day parade. Freaking Doocey's a major porker. Puts Wilkinson to shame.

Bob D: See what happens when you spend all your time sitting on your fat ass in front of the police scanner drinking your precious red wine? Freakin' blowhard. Maybe it's all the hot air trapped inside him that leads to his humongous gut.

Anonymous said...

Bob Holden is smarter than you, just ask him.

From today's Queens Tribune:

Bob Holden, the chairman of the Juniper Park Civic Association, said he was disappointed that the two candidates picked by the respective “machines,” the Republican and Democratic parties, finished first and second in the race.

“To me that’s disheartening,” he said. “The electorate has to be smarter.”

Yes, Bob, smart like you. Everyone should mindlessly follow Herr Holden's will and whim.

Such hubris. But it's no suprise. Add this comment to his many examples of arrogance.

Anonymous said...

To Bob, Christina, Lorraine, Ed et al;



Anonymous said...

Guess you would be even more filled with joy if it was Gallagher elected.

Anonymous said...

This is great!!! I flooded the CRAP site with CONGRATULATIONS ANTHONY COMO comments on the top 7 stories or so they had posted. Nothing to do with the election. They would like to pretend there was no election. Woke up this morning and POOF. Comments deleted. All of them. YES!!! And to make it even better, Christina is now holding all comments until she decides to approve them. Have fun with the extra work, Tubby. My job is done.

Wolter said...

It will be nice to work with Lydna on Como's staff... things will be swinging!

Anonymous said...

What is it about the JPCA that brings out the inner sissy in you?

For one thing, is it that the JPCA has lasted longer than the imaginary civic called MVMCA? The "civic" founded by your sexual pervert hero and his lickspittle lackeys?

The "civic" whose last executive board meeting was a circle jerk?

Anonymous said...

Is that you John Wayne, or is that the "Taxpayer", Bob Douchie?

Anonymous said...

It looks like some tender sissy feelings have been touched, eh?

Who wrote that comment? The pink, panty-wearing rapist?

Anonymous said...

Taxpayer/Douchie/Mega Gut:

You'd love to know who wrote it.

It could be at least 3/4 of the neighborhood who loathes you and your cabal of fellow losers.