Monday, June 23, 2008

Patriots Welcome "Queens Crap – Reflushed" to the Blogosphere

We have been alerted by email that a new blog has been created by MVBen and he asked that we help publicize his new site.

According to the tag line it is "a website for all of the bloggers whose real postings and feeling on "Queens Crap" get deleted. So come here and let the "truth" be told."

Visit Queens Crap Reflushed


Anonymous said...

I'm worried that with the proliferation of all the anti-JPCA blogs, there will be traffic congestion on the Internet.

faster340 said...

Oh yeah he lasted a long time. And QC is still around! What a joke QC2 reflushed was/is! I guess he got flushed himself!!! hahahahahaha. The real QC rules, all else drools!!!