Friday, October 5, 2007

Spitzer is Spitting on Security

Governor Spitzer wants to give illegal immigrants legal identity documentations which would reward their criminal act. The driver’s license has become THE form of identity not only in New York but throughout the country. Moreover, a valid drivers license is the avenue for obtaining other important government, business and private documents.

Allowing ILLEGAL aliens to obtain a driver’s license spitz in the face of reason in this post 9/11 world!

Governor Spitzer wants to make accommodations to criminals who have violated our immigrations laws and penalized those who are American citizens. No longer will out drivers license mean anything. We will be forced to get additional forms of identification to prove our legal status. We might be forced to carry around a passport or get a bar code imprinted on our foreheads or get implanted with computer chips!

Hey Eliot, please remember that 18 of the 19 terrorists who were responsible for 9/11 had valid driver's licenses before hijacking the planes that crashed and killed thousands of Americans. I know Governor Spitzer wants to lower auto insurance and feels giving illegal immigrants valid driver's licenses is the way to do it, however, I think more Americans would like to lower the chances for another terrorist attack.


Anonymous said...

What gets me so angry is the fact he can do this without a vote. Is the power going to his head? (Obviously not his brain).


What part of illegal is not getting through to him! OH I FORGOT, WE CALL IT UNDOCUMENTED NOW!


Anonymous said...

Its seems in Albany is Spitzers way or no way

Anonymous said...

Two leaders that do what they want regardless of public opinion. Mayor Bloomberg with congestion pricing and Govenor Spitzer issuing drivers licenses to illegal immigrants.

Is this some kind of dictatorship?
Seems like it!

Anonymous said...

I think there should be a public hearing.....something to get feedback from New Yorkers. This is just wrong. This Govenor is using his power to push this city into a vulnerable state.