Monday, October 1, 2007

Sad Day At Shea

The Mets have the dubious honor of being the all time Amazin Choke Team in Major League history by blowing a 7 game division lead with 17 games left to play. There is really not much more to write than what the papers have printed.

All we want to say is that the Mets once again broke their fans' hearts and the 2007 team has provided the most devastating disappointment the Shea faithful have experienced in decades.

In the off season:

  1. Randolph either gets replaced or learns how to motivate players
  2. Develop some character, energy and fight attitude in the clubhouse
  3. Minaya gets rid of the dead weight and old guys
  4. Send Glavine back to Atlanta because he never really left the south
  5. Rebuild the bullpen
  6. Make Wagner the new equipment manager
  7. Hope that the young guys mature and become better ballplayers
  8. Reyes learns that while in a batting slump and beating a team 9-0, you refrain from doing stupid hand shakes on the field.
  9. Teach the players the difference between to, too and two
  10. When in doubt run it out
  11. Send Ricky Henderson packing
  12. Wally Backman becomes new manager?

What do you think the Mets need to do in the off season??

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Willie is coming back Big Mistake he lost control and his players quit on him!

He needs to be put out to pasture just like the JPCA