Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Haunted and Scary Places in Queens

In honor of Halloween, the Patriots have decided to provide you with the scariest places or people in Queens.

There have been reports that there are supernatural happenings occurring at the American Museum of the Moving Image. According to eyewitness reports, there are times when people have heard voices when there was no one else in the building. In addition, people have reported hearing footsteps following them, however, when they turned around to see who it was, no one was there. Finally, there have been frequent sightings of an image of a black woman in a white dress sitting behind the security desk late at night. Spooky.

Fort Totten is another place in Queens that has experienced it share of haunting sounds and images. The 150 year old military base is said to be built upon an old Indian burial ground (under the existing soccer field). Many areas on the Fort are reported to be haunted. Sometime in mid May of 2000, one guard was dozing off in his car when all of a sudden he was awaken by a loud knock on his car window. He saw two men, one standing by each side of the car that were pointing and laughing at the guard. The scary thing was that the guard could see right through the ghostly forms! This wasn't the first time this has occurred and the guard was warned on numerous occasions that that specific location was haunted. Guards patrolling the grounds still refuse to wander into that area. Freaky.

Imagine being Tony Nunziato's bathroom mirror. Try to envision the horror of that ugly face peering into you each morning. The agony of listening to his delusions of how he single-handedly saved Maspeth from communist oppression! Now that is one scary place to be!


Anonymous said...

The scariest place has got to be the smoke filled back room of the JPCA clubhouse. Just listening to Holden spew his bile at his neighbors and his delusions of civic volunteerism would put the heebie jeebies into anyone.

Anonymous said...

The story about the security guard at Fort Totten is a tired urban legend with not a shred of basis in reality.

The security guards at Totten don't sleep in their cars. There are NO stories of hauntings on the post. Not even any suspicious deaths.

Anonymous said...

But the museum hauntings usually happen at night when the museum is close. It could but the echo of the person walking. It explains that it stops when they do. How do we know it really happened and its not just to get more customers?