Thursday, October 11, 2007

Keep Curtis and Kuby and Send Imus to the Isthmus of Obscurity

Don Imus may return to the airwaves in early December. Remarkably, this comes less than a year after the ancient shock jock was fired from WFAN for making racist remarks about the Rutgers women's basketball team.

It is rumored that Imus will be taking over WABC's morning drive time slot currently occupied by Curtis Sliwa and Ron Kuby. The deal is likely to be announced by the end of the week.

Curtis and Kuby offer a balanced program with Curtis on the right and Kuby on the left. Giving back Imus his own radio show will mean that New Yorkers will be subjected to his stale and mundane rhetoric. Curtis and Kuby have energy, great chemistry and offer something to those on both sides of the political spectrum.

Say Yes to Curtis and Kuby and let’s send Imus back to the ranch!

Just our opinion


georgetheatheist said...

Actually, WABC ought to get rid of the 3 of them: the turd with the beret, the commie-loser and Old Skank Face and replace them with the greatest callers ever to Talk Radio: John of Staten Island and Frank of Queens. [Check the boys out at]

Max said...

Curtis Sliwa is the man! Kuby is a leftist pig but still better than Don Idiot

MiddleVillageIdiot said...

Curtis is the blue collar man's conservative!

Joseph said...

John of Staten Island and Frank of Queens are the best

Linda said...

Let's give Ann Coulter a chance to speak for the women. I am woman hear me roar

Gary said...

WFAN for me

Mark said...

Curtis Sliwa for President!

JohnDoe said...

As you stated, I enjoy hearing Sliwa and Kuby go at it by giving two point of views

Flower Boy said...

I listen to Curtis and Kuby while I am triming my daisies

Mary said...

I think Kuby is

Mike said...

Don Imus is mentally deficient and physically repulsive

Thomas said...

I would hate to see the Curtis and Kuby show go off the air...don'y we have enough Imus like shows already on the radio?

georgetheatheist said...

Listen to Frank of Queens and John of Staten Island (see above). Sliwa stole alot of his "shtick" from them.

Anonymous said...

I could care less if the 3 of them go off a cliff. Sliwa is a neocon, Cheney boot licking, worming maggot, French beret wearing loser, and Kuby is an ultra leftist, neo-bolshevik, Trotskite stooge.

In the meantime Imus is looking more and more like the Crypt Keeper from HBO's "Tales From the Crypt", but with a BrokeBack Mountain Cowboy hat....

Mr. Mojo Risin..

Anonymous said...

WABC seems to be trying to drive away the portion of the audience that's capable of getting up and changing the channel....first they dig up the cadaver, bob grant and now this imus the mental patient--both irrelevant has-beens.
sad to see Curtis and Kuby go..i'll not be listening to wabc any more

Anonymous said...

The worst part about Imus is he is an unabashed on-air promoter. If you listen to his show, you have to listen to a constant arsenal of suck-up politicians and journalists. They are the same ones who would not come to his aid after he made his stupid comment. Was Imus stupid enough to think these people were really his friends? I would prefer Curtis and Kuby. Even Boomer Esiason and the other host are doing a decent job over on the fan.

Mike in Dobbs said...

Citadel should just buy another station in the NYC market, use it to broadcast Imus to those who want to listen in NYC (and the rest of the country) and leave the WABC line-up alone.

Anonymous said...

Wihout Curtis & Kuby I guess I'll listen to WCBS-FM in the morning. There is no way I will put Imus on. WABC is going steadily down hill!

Anonymous said...

curtis and kuby for imus?
no more wabc morning radio for me what a joke. imus is boring and im a middle aged white guy, no napp... well you know, trying to get revenge

Anonymous said...

what a joke, imus? are you kidding..
imus is a snooze. guess its 1010wins in the am that will be more interesting

Anonymous said...

ABC has got to be kidding!

Even when that Ass Imus was on the Radio, C&K killed him in the ratings.
I have been listening to C&K for 8 years.
NEVER again will I tune into WABC.

Who cares what Imus has to say.
He is a gross washed up old geezer who is not funny in the least.

God Help the Educated Public!
I am going back to listening to CD's

Anonymous said...

Curtis & Kuby shoul not be replaced with Imus. Whaever happened to relevant radio to your community,
instead of homogenized national shows.

Losing Curtis & Kuby are a real loss to WABC.

richard1z said...

Curtis and Kuby is the one talk show radio that has balance to it. Plus, you know that all of the players do like each other. Add in Warner Wolf, and it is the best show on radio.

Upper management at WABC must be on crack! Imus has been going down hill way before he showed what an idiot he is.

Another station in the New York City area should run out right now, and hire the whole crew, including Mark Simon.

Curtis and Kuby are leaving WABC, and so am I!

Anonymous said...

First they discontinue my diet celray soda -- and now Curtis & Kuby! Management are nuts.

Patty207 said...

I have been a listener for 6 years and I LOVE Curtis and Kuby. No
show will ever hold my interest for
5 mins, neverless 5 hrs. WABC is
making a huge blunder and I hope
WOR execs run to sign them both.

Anonymous said...

Dec 3rd
So i listened to imus this morning
while getting ready for work.
The show was So slow i thought he was gonna take a momement to take a nap.
for the first time in 6 years i turned off my radio . I felt like this old grumpy man hijacked my radio. (WHO THE HELL IS THIS GUY?)

what does wabc expect people my age group to do? listen to imus at 6 in the morning?
I rather have rosters lose in my kitchen,

I miss curtis and kuby so much i feel like i could cry.
They were amazing, upbeat and funny

The suits at wabc must be a whole bunch of grumpy old men Like that guy Imus.
Life is to short to have someone speak so slowly on MY RADIO
Go to hell wabc!

Maddod52 said...

I agree with you so much on this. Imus is one step from dead! Plus he surrounds himself with a bunch of lackies, not like Curtis and Ron who actually had people around them that had stones (George, Warner, etc.). We lost a great show in New York City, but we do have one thing we can do, and that is to make sure that Imus is rejected in this town! No national radio network can survive without New York City, so turn the station, turn the radio off.

Schnack said...

When I worked in Cable years ago we had mandatory training courses. One thing that stuck in my pea brain was its mission, to Educate, Entertain and Inform. Your morning threesome Curtis, Kube and Werner exemplify that task with a time proven format that is predictably controversial, entertaining and very informative.
Imus, that old Turkey neck belongs back in the barn. This has absolutely nothing to do with his comments; it’s just no contest. Imus is over the hill and belongs on WOR. The empty suits that made this recent decision have their reasons and they can live with them, I shall not.
I am a single thread of the fabric that makes up your loyal listening audience, from early morn till you tuck me in at night. No more my old friend, no more.

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