Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Noose Conjures Feelings of Hate, Violence and Racism

Unfortunately, a few local residents (Bob Holden, Bob Doocey, Jerry Rotundi and JPCA Execs) feel that the display of the noose is a perfectly acceptable way to get your point across and should be protected under the First Amendment.

However, the majority of intelligent people feel that the noose conjures up feelings of hate, violence and racism. Recently, in Nassau County, Law enforcement officials from Nassau County and the U.S. Department of Justice have launched a joint task force to investigate an incident in which a hangman's noose was left in the locker room of the Hempstead Police Department. --Newsday Article: Feds join Hempstead noose investigation

In addition, Grambling State University is investigating whether the faculty at the University’s elementary lab school went too far in a teaching lesson about racism when a teacher placed a noose around a female kindergartener’s neck.
--GSU president: Noose investigation should end Wednesday (Shreveport Times).

In another story, Army officials are trying to determine who tied a noose to a utility pole in the industrial area of the Anniston Army Depot.
--Noose found on utility pole at Army Depot. (Journal Gazette)

According to an article in the Black Star, Jena Six DA’s Odious Op-Ed the author feels that the display of the noose in August of 2006 had a contributing factor to the racial violence that occurred creating the Jena Six tragedy - Walters totally misses the point the woman and other critics have been trying to convey—that had the justice system, including DA Walters, intervened in a timely and forceful manner with the school system after the noose-hanging incident of August 2006, the beating of Justin Barker in December might never have occurred. For readers who are unfamiliar with the noose incident: it happened after Black students at Jena High School had sat underneath a tree that had been used by whites—provoking the criticism that the school had tolerated the existence of a “whites only” tree.

Rather than reflecting on what the marcher might have meant, Walters writes lamely, and unconvincingly, after the fact, “I cannot overemphasize how abhorrent and stupid I find the placing of the nooses on the schoolyard tree in late August 2006. If those who committed that act considered it a prank, their sense of humor is seriously distorted. It was mean-spirited and deserves the condemnation of all decent people.”

These are all recent stories condemning the use of a noose to get a point across. However, Robert Holden, Bob Doocey, Jerry Rotundi and JPCA executive board want you to believe that it is a perfectly acceptable form of free speech. We at the Patriots feel that the display of the noose is a vile symbol of hate and racism.

I wonder what would have happened if the poster that Holden allowed to be displayed at his rally called for the lynching of prominent African American officials? Would Robert Holden still be allowed to sit on community board 5 and reside over the JPCA?

Things that make
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Anonymous said...

Thank you Patrick for having the courage to say it. You think Colin Gustevson from the Chronicle would touch this? No way he is a JPCA lackey!

Anonymous said...

maspeth mom says...

holden v. al sharpton

Anonymous said...

Thank you for a well thought out and written article.

Its amazing that in this day and age some people just don't seem to understand the basic rules of common courtesy. The members of the JPCA just do not understand this concept. They attack, insult, and denigrate people, and the organizations they work for.

This scorched earth policy of the JPCA has turned so many against them, and has resulted in their increasing isolation in the community and NYC at large.

I think the true question is, who haven't they insulted? From my own experience with Robert Holden and Bob Doocey in exchanging emails, I have absolutely no respect for either one of them. They have keyboard muscles. In other words they feel compelled to attack and insult you via email not to your face. But more than that they think they can shout everyone down rather than work to achieve a compromise and when that can't be reached, simply agree to disagree. They cannot do that either.

This is why they are persona non grata.

Rather than work with people, goverment offices or officials they alienate them. This is not what civic groups do. They are supposed to bring out the best in people and develop human realtionships that are absolutely vital in a democracy. To come to common ground on an issue and do whats best for all, not for the shallow interests of its Executive Board.

Mr Mojo Risin

Anonymous said...

On another blog, Rotondi said that the next time he is going to draw a guillotine. I commented to him asking what exactly his message is supposed to be, assuming that he actually is not calling for the murder of the politicians. Of course he had no response.

Villager said...

I don't know the specific NY officials that you reference, however, I do know that the recent spate of noose hangings that are occurring (another one that you didn't mention was last month at the University of Maryland) is dangerous.

Now that it occurred at a police station ... perhaps the matter will be taken more seriously by law enforcement officials.

Nooses aren't a joke to people of African descent in this country.

peace, Villager

Thomas said...

I am not african american, however, I find the noose and the reference to lynching as despicable reminders of violence, racism and hate. Anyone who defends their use as free speech should be ashamed of themselves.

Joseph said...

I bet Holden, Doocey, Rotundi, Wilkinson, and Nunziato are the same type of people who would burn the american flag

Mike said...

The community should call upon Queens Borough President Helen Marshall to remove Bob Holden form community board 5. As an African American woman and the leader of Queens she should ensure that individuals like Holden do not hold positions of authority!

Anonymous said...

Where is the outrage? What;s next? burning crosses? Holden must go