Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Frank Rich implies, “Americans = Good Germans = Nazis?

In a recent article, “The Good German Among Us”, NY Times slime ball, Frank Rich compares Americans to Nazi murderers. Mr. Rich wants you to believe that Americans who support the war, honor our soldiers and do not believe that our government is evil are no better than Nazis who killed millions.

Even though the NY Times has absolutely no resemblance to an objective, non-political or honorable newspaper, they still should be ashamed of themselves for allowing that comparison to be printed.

There is an apparent and obvious distinction between Americans who believe that enemies of our country should be dealt with using the full might of our military and the Nazis that targeted for death those they deemed as culturally, racially or physically inferior to themselves. But then again, Mr. Rich is morally deficient and doesn’t really care about the truth. The only thing Rich cares about is spreading illogical spurious arguments to effectuate the far left agenda. To compare the conditions at Abu Ghraib to the murders, horrors and violence inflicted by Nazis in German concentration camps is unconscionable.

Let’s take Mr. Rich put him in a simulated WWII concentration camp, then place him in Abu Grahib and let’s see what he writes!

Disagree with the administration

Disagree with the war

But do not denigrate the American people.


Anonymous said...

Your far right wing whackadoodle political views cloud the primary reason people read this blog--which is the legitimate exposure of the JPCA executive board's hypocrisy, malfeasance, bad corporate governance, maliciousness, and the fact that they do not speak for the community.

What's morally deficient is a "War on Terror" that's been supported by the American people -- who voted this criminal administration into power a second time (fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me).

It is the American people's responsiblilty for voting in the criminal Bush administration the second time. Face it. Rich's article hit too close to home and you don't like taking responsibility for voting for the Bush cabal two times. Am I right? So instead you have to shoot the messenger.

Keep up the good work trashing the JPCA mental midgets!

georgetheatheist said...

Yesterday's NY Times reported on the increased activity of Islamist blog and web sites: "jihad" being preached to a hip-hop beat. Zarqawi of AlQaeda-in-Iraq infamy, before he croaked, asked all his murdering boys to have a video camera along with them so their "action" could be posted on these internet sites.

Liberal scum vermin like Frank Rich are going to get us all killed. Watch yer back, Mack.

Anonymous said...

Patrick, your missing the point... we are standing idly by while our administration is committing war crimes against mostly innocent people. Remind you of another leader? Not in my name and the silent majority agrees. Time for you to wake up

Anonymous said...

The right wingers went to Iraq, which had nothing to do with 9/11 and have made a mess of things. Don't blame the Liberals because the guy you voted for has turned this into a mess.

What do expect from a former junkie/alcoholic who claims "God talks to me"? I think God has better things to do like savings kids who don't have health insurance, or looking out for American soldiers fighting in Iraq without body armor, then talk to GW. Maybe it was some bad acid he took back in those days he was still doing drugs. You know between when he was 16-40.

He sounds like the character Greg Stilson from Stephen Kings "Dead Zone" Just remember these words "Halleluyah the missiles are flying..Halleluyah"

Your all for the war here is what I say, write your Congressman and say your for the draft. Because your going to need it to fight every country where Moslems live. You don't want the draft? Here is how we avoid it, let all the parents who support this administration and the war in Iraq march their draft age kids down to the local recruiting station and sign them up. Better still let all these 18-30 big mouth right wing kids march down on their own and sign up. There are 120,000 College Republicans. Thats works out to about 12 divisions, and I'm sure the guys over in Iraq there we would appreciate the help.

But they won't because they are Chicken Hawks. Behold the candy ass conservatives. All types of excuses too, bad knees, weight issues, and the best of all "I'm fighting the cultural war over here".

So tell me what's worse, the liberals who don't want to send anyone's kid to war, or the conservatives who are all for it, just as long as its someone else's kid fighting it, and the money to pay for it is coming out of someone else's pocket.

PS Patrick stop listening to Rush, Fox News, and the NY Post...maybe then you'll see why the 78% feel the way we do...

Anonymous said...

Did you actually read the article or got the cliff notes so to speak from Rush or Fox News?

What Rich said was absolutely right. We fought the Nazi scum in WW2, the Waffen SS being the worst of the lot and we didn't torture them. Why? Because we are better than that. He goes on to quote American soldiers who never laid a finger on these guys and got everything they wanted out of them.

He is not comparing Americans to Nazi's. George Frenkel a WW2 vet, set " I'm proud I never compromised my humanity. That's what makes us better.

Men like Bush/Cheney, draft dodgers, know nothing about honor or duty. Every single one of those Republicans except John McCain has never served. I don't count Ron Paul because he too sees this war as complete and utter folly.

Every single one of them, again excluding Mccain and paul, have service age kids who ar not serving. My question is simple. How can these candidates tell me how important this fight in Iraq is, while their service age children (Romney has 4 of them) are taking a pass on it. If its so important to America why aren't they fighting it?

I find it quite intersting to see right wingers go ape **** of this and the ad about General Petraeus, but not a word was said when there were attacks against Vietnam vets Max Cleeland, John Kerry ,and Chuck Hagel. American heroes who unlike Rudy, Romney, Huckabee, actually served their country and were highly decorated.

As one great American once said "Conservatives like to say a Conservative is just a Liberal who was mugged, but on behalf of Harry Truman, JFK, George McGovern, Daniel Inouye, Max Cleeland, John Murtha, John Kerry, and Patrick Murphy, a Liberal is just a Conservative who has actually served in combat"

Anonymous said...

Do yourself a favor, stay local because on this issue you're just plain ol' ignorant.

Anonymous said...

Give me a break.. give all of us a break. You sound as stupid as Bill O'Reilly and make as much sense as he and Sean Hannerty.. two chicken hawks who distort the truth and prefer sloganering to truth.

Bush lied us into this war. Then he told us "to go shopping" and said Americans at home are sacrificing because we have to see the war on television news nightly. Nevermind that we cannot see coffins of our children who died in a needless war.

We were right to go into Afghanistan. Had we done it properly, we could have helped make it a model for the region and elevated the poor population so that terrorists could not get a foothold within their communities.

Instead we went after Saddam -who while evil to the core- was contained by the UN no-fly, no-trade, no travel restrictions.

Meanwhile we have fostered terrorism.

Esteemed, retired military leaders keep telling us that torture not only does not work but it makes it more dangerous for our field troops and demeans our nation and causes.

Frank Rich is 100% correct. If we hide from the truth and live on the lies of Fox News, we will be as culpable as the people of Germany and Japan were during WWII.

Like someone else wrote- stick to local politics.

Anonymous said...

Dude, the more comments I read of yours, the more I realize that you're a troll.

You seemed to be well rehearsed in smearing, distorting, and demonizing those with whom you disagree. Rush would be proud!

It's a great and free country, and you have the right to slime and distort. I also have the right to point out that you're a slanderous liar.