Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Robert Holden Obstructing Justice?

Reliable sources state that when detectives from 104th precinct arrested Midville Dodger coach, Anthony Macchirule for assault, they were immediately contacted by an irate Holden.

The assault was a violent response to a close and over zealous play at the plate prompting the coach to physically attack a young ballplayer.

Insiders tell the Patriots that Robert Holden personally went to 104th precinct to have the charges dropped! Apparently, Bob has unrestricted access to the local precinct and its commander, Captain Green. Not surprisingly, Bob Holden was trying to persuade law enforcement from making the arrest and letting the violent offender go free! The Patriots are appalled that Holden is given this unique privilege and are deeply disturbed that Holden cares more for saving the reputation of his corrupt baseball league than the safety of the players.

Captain Green should be more concerned with the entire community and not be worried that he will be crucified in the next issue of the Juniper Berry.

Just another example of why Robert Holden is a detriment and danger to our community.


Anonymous said...

If this is true, then someone needs to drop a dime to IAB.

Been there, hate that said...

Drop a dime to IAB for what?....The squad made the collar, there is no allegation of wrongdoing on the part of the detective...And as annoying as it is, Holden(as well as any citizen) is free to walk into a precinct and a squad room with the authorization of a desk officer or a squad member...Holden was put in his place by the squad...Let IAB finish they're cheese sandwiches, there would be no investigation warranted where there is no misconduct on the part of the police. Case Closed.

Ralph said...

Sources tell me that Capt. Green came in on his day off to try and stop the arrest but was overruled by the detectives.

Yet, merchants in Middle Village couldn't get Capt Green to do anything until AFTER they rob the stores several times.

Where is Holden?? Why haven’t they protested this inept action from Capt. Green?

Anonymous said...

I heard that Captain Green recently met with Gallagher on the Metro Ave problem and the case is under investigation and a suspect is being looked at. The command is awaiting evidence review before they can determine if an arrest can be made. This Captain was slow to start but he is trying now!

Anonymous said...

Why blame the Police they did the right thing someone should drop a dime to the Boro President, this is a blatant misuse of power.

Then maybe someone should remind the BP that Holden approved of the use of a Lynching tree at a protest.... now that is vile and offensive!

Anonymous said...

This Blog is Silly don't you realize that King Holden the First believes that rules are for the pesants not him!

Anonymous said...

Holden's a pissant wannabe. He's too pathetic for words. His actions for the past few years are beyond disgraceful. Must suck to be him.

Anonymous said...

Holden is a pissant - but a wannabe - I dont and cant imagine what he wants to be... Frankly its a sad situation to be him... I dont know how he stands the pressure... Most people would have cracked up or given up by now - I think he's a dangerous psychological ticking time bomb