Thursday, December 13, 2007

Holden Facilitates Carnage for Parsonage

The poor little parsonage has been demolished by the wrecking crew thanks to Robert Holden and the Juniper Park Civic Association's executive board. Neighbors looked in horror as the building was torn down in a matter of minutes and they have no else to blame but Holden himself.

Self-righteous Holden and his band of merry misfits crushed any possibility of saving the parsonage or the church because of their "my way or the high way" approach to civic involvement. The developers was pushed into a corner by the narrow-minded self-proclaimed protectors of the peace and fought his way out by withdrawing the re-zoning application setting the stage for the demolition of the St. Saviour's buildings. Let us correctly place the blame on those individuals responsible. We should absolve the developer and condemn Robert Holden, Tony Nuziato, Tony Avella, Christina Wilkinson, Ed Kamperman and Paul Ditta for their complicity in this community loss.

It is a crying shame that these individuals filled with hubris and prejudices are allowed to slowly destroy our community.


Anonymous said...

Got to love the quote in the Daily News by Tulips "Numb Nutz" Nunziato. Standing there like a deer in the headlights.

Tulips on my organ has to face the facts just like the rest of his flying monkey cabal. They f**ked up yet again royale.

How much more can our community stand of these so called, self-proclaimed "activsts"?

Another inglorious defeat for the JPCA executive board, and this time, they're taking the neighborhood down with them.

The people of the neighborhood call upon the entire JPCA executive board to resign immediately and to hold new elections for a completely fresh set of candidates.

Anonymous said...


You forgot to include Aunt Loraine and the red wine lover in your indictment. Please give them the credit they deserve for this massive f**k up.

Truth teller said...

The truth is out and the JPCA is trying to spin the fault on everyone else. Between the funds Holden skimmed from the Dodgers and JPCA advertising he and the Crapper should buy this property and then donate it to the community. It is amazing how people have an opinion on other peoples property, but when that property is up for sale they become very quite. When Niedersteins was for sale no one cared or offered to buy it. In fact most of the people who complained of the loss never patronized the resturant. After it was sold they want to dictate what can be done with the property. If they get a "donation" from the new owners everything is wonderfull. The moral of the story is put up or shut up . By the way I do not want my tax dollars spent on this property spend your own.

Thomas said...

Funny thing, does this Christina person ever work?? Or is she a on welfare?

All she ever does is take useless pictures of homes, and somehow has the nerve to say that it is crap?

What about her home? Anybody know where this loser lives??

I bet she is nothing but a jealous fat bitch!!