Friday, December 14, 2007

Robert Holden Attacks Own Legal Counsel?

It seems that Robert Holden is spending a lot of time and energy attacking his own legal counsel lately. But then again, who hasn’t Bob attacked.

It is no secret that the Forum West is the bastard love child of the Juniper Berry and Mein Kampf. So it was a bit confusing when the Forum Crap did a full page article on Anthony Como’s home construction and how it violates every Department of Buildings and zoning regulation known to man. How can Bob Holden preach the evils of over development to the masses while his own legal counsel is over-developing his own home!

As stated above, in the last issue of the Forum Crap, they did a full page article on the abomination that exists at 64-46 82nd Place (Como’s house of horrors) and then this week in the Forum Crap the home made the “Community Eyesore of the Week”.

Here is the excerpt from page 19:

With little progress on the three-story house at 64-46 82nd Place (corner 64th Road) since work was stopped in March, neighbors say that are tired of living near the construction site eyesore. Thirteen complaints have been filed with the DOB regarding this project, including work that started too early in the morning, debris blocking on-street parking spaces, the building being too high for the zone, workers on the roof despite a stop work order and foundations expanded beyond what is permitted. The house’s owner, Anthony Como, and is a former assistant district attorney, counsel to Senator Serphin Maltese and a commissioner of the Board of Elections.

The article failed to mention that Mr. Como is also listed as legal counsel to the Juniper Park Civic Association.

We at the Patriots do not see anything wrong with Mr. Como renovating his one family home to provide a better dwelling for his family. However, we do have problem with Robert Holden spewing his anti-development rhetoric and attacking everyone who picks up a hammer, yet he fails to ensure that members of his own organization follow the All Mighty Holden Building Code.

At the end of the day, Robert Holden can illegally convert his basement and refuse to allow building inspectors access. His legal counsel can build a huge house and remain a member of the Juniper Park Civic Association’s Board. Yet the rest of the world is crucified for similar acts against humanity.

Aaah the hypocrisy!


Anonymous said...

This is a really stupid post because Como was unanimously voted off of the Board last night.

Anonymous said...

The JPCA executive board has quite a history of affiliating themselves with attorneys whom they later villify. Just like their mercurial history with virtually every politician in the borough and city.

Guaranteed within 1-2 years, they will have a sh*t storm battle with Avella. They just can't help themselves with their self-righteousness.

mv ben said...

What a surprise?!

Question is – does Como still go to their meetings, representing that turncoat Maltese?

Holden and the rest of the JPCA misfits will attack anyone they see as a possible candidate for CM Gallagher's seat.

Did that deadwood Maltese fund the JPCA for yet another year for their attacks in blogs and newsletter?

He should go a pair of balls and cut their funding to a big goose egg!!!

Anonymous said...

Do not worry JPCA will not recieve any more funding . Maltese is sure to lose. Joe Adabo is not going to cave in to Holden . He should alienate that group from the get go. They will only hurt him.

Anonymous said...

It would be fun to see if JPCA did remove Como that would follow their pattern of attacking their own members!

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?