Thursday, December 6, 2007


The article speaks for itself. It needs no further comment from the Patriots but feel free to opine

Avella carriage ban angers owners



Incensed by Councilman Tony Avella's (D-Bayside) impending City Council proposal to ban horse and carriage service in Manhattan, industry members, roughly one-sixth of whom are Bayside residents, are lashing out at the councilman and deriding him as "a horse's ass."

"He is running for mayor on our backs through the animal rights people," asserted Stephen Mallone, a Bayside resident who has been in the business for 20 years. "The people of Bayside should be revolting" against the councilman, he said.

Avella says he is sponsoring the bill to ban the service because horses are overworked by the industry. He also asserted that using horses to cart people around in modern traffic is antiquated, pointing to two accidents in the past two years in which horses died as evidence.

"This is actually torture for the animals," he said. "There's a reason horse carriages don't exist in downtown traffic."

Industry members hotly dispute those accusations, claiming the claims are a product of ignorance and political grandstanding.

Mallone said the horses are well-maintained and well-treated, with their condition overseen by a host of city agencies and clear for all passers-by to see.

"It's an absolute travesty to even imply" the horses are maltreated, he said. The horses work six- to seven-hour shifts and average one ride per hour, he said, with a 15-minute rest required by law every two hours. When they can no longer work, the horses are sent to pastures or maintained privately, but not euthanized, he said.

Ian McKeever, owner of Shamrock Stables on 45th Street and 10th Avenue, said the councilman should worry about his own district instead of meddling in Manhattan. About two years ago, he said, Avella visited one of the stables.

"He was very happy and had nothing negative to say,"McKeever said. "Now he's being a horse's ass."

Avella sharply dismissed that assertion, calling it a "total lie." He said he visited stables, inspected conditions and submitted follow-up questions which, he says, were never answered.

The councilman proposed a partial ban on the industry almost two years ago. "The truth has to come out," he said. "These horses are in bad shape. They're downtrodden."

Eva Hughes, a Bayside resident who owns a carriage service and met her husband in the business, said Avella was aligning himself with radical animal rights groups and distorting the facts. "He's the kind of politician who gives politicians a bad name," she said.

Hughes said the two recent horse deaths were the only ones since 1985 and added that the industry has a vested interest in protecting the animals. "They're our livelihood," she said. "Accidents happen, but we have to be allowed to live."


mv ben said...

"Political grandstanding"? - CM Tony Avella - No!! Tell me it ain't so!!

The man is never in bayside. He is too busy kissing Holden ass. If Holden stopped short, Avella's head would have to be surgically removed from Holden ass!

Avella, do yourself a favor, get away from Holden they will turn on you like they have turned on everyone.

Don't believe me? They have already started attacking you on the Crap Blog, and we all know who the "master idiot" is behind that attack site.

Run Away, cause they will take you down with them.

I guarantee it!!

Anonymous said...

I think the Horse's Ass award is a tie this year. Avella and the JPCA executive board. I know, they consistantly win the award, but the JPCA clubhouse has to let other idiots share in the glory from time to time.

Anonymous said...


Check out the photos on the JPCA's propaganda site and the Queens Chronicle.

Anyone can count there was a massive turnout of 14 people at the recent JPCA rally with Avella to protest Huang! And one leashed dog!

What a groundswell!

Got to love the way Holden throws on his suit and tie hoping to look legitimate in case the "media" shows up to snap a photo.

The usual cast of JPCA executive board goons were onhand. No noose this time, however.

What a rogues gallery! Enough to make the camera lens crack. Ugly.

Interestly, though two separate photos clearly show 14 people at the massive rally (and one dog), the Crapper claims that 40 people were on hand. More lies!


Anonymous said...

I saw on an article linked from the Forgotten-NY site from 2 years ago, where Avella was in favor of the residential development plan for the St. Saviour's site. He actually implied that it was his idea before Gallagher. Did Holden change his mind that easily?

Anonymous said...

I saw that Pic in the paper take away the "Gang of Misfits" meaning Ed "Zums" Kampermann, Auntie Lorraine, Chrstina "Arby Queen" Wilkerson, Red Wine 40 Douche, Bob "The Illegal Professor",Tony Tulips, Manny "I Look Dead Caurana, Richmond Hill's resident Misfit Paul Graziano and some of the ohter Merry Misfits of the Fourm Crap and JPCA. Just how many members of the General public attended? 3 or 4?

Were those signs printed at New York City Tech?

Why doesn't Avella Protest Bob Holden at his home! Illegal conversion of basements are no longer on Avella's Agenda?

This alleged rally shows just how much influence the JPCA has lost over the last two years they have become laughingstocks!

Anonymous said...

Where were the Elected officials from our community at the JPCA rally?

Where was Markey.... OOOps JPCA Hates her!

Where was Gallagher ...OOOps JPCA hates him!

Where was Crowley ... OOOps JPCA hates him!

Where was Bloomberg.. OOOps JPCA
hates him!

Where was Marshall.. OOOps JPCA hates her!

Where was Maltese .. On Vacation but JPCA is begining to hate him too!

Every Elected Official who represents the community of Maspeth is Hated by the JPCA. They believe they are better than all!

No wonder why they keep losing battles no elected official is paying attention to these rable rousers. They have become so pathetic!

Bob Holden is too busy reading his own press releases and believing what he wrote.

Anonymous said...

From the JPCA agitprop website: "The Juniper Park Civic Association’s membership includes more than 1700 families throughout Maspeth and Middle Village and produces the very popular Juniper Berry, a quarterly magazine that focuses on local issues of concern and neighborhood history."


Lies, lies, lies, yeah!