Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Here we go again. It looks like Robert Holden and the Juniper Park Civic Association’s band of merry misfits are ready to fight with the NYC Parks Department AGAIN. This time it’s over developing the swampy Ridgewood Reservoir into a recreational park for local kids. It is clear that Holden and his morons are more concerned about birds, trees and insects than the well-being and safety of our children.

Having closed in the mid-1960s, the Ridgewood Reservoir no longer supplies water to the people of Brooklyn and Queens, but to the wide variety of birds and animals that now make their home there. Not only do these animals frequent the swamp, but also a wide variety of mosquitoes, ticks and parasites (not Holden, Nunziato and Wilkinson). The entire basin is filled with stagnant water and is haven for disease carrying insects. However, Holden would like the swamp to remain intact and deny our children the opportunity to have a new park in which to play and enjoy.
Considering her physical appearance, Christina Wilkinson should be more sympathetic to the plight of young New Yorkers who are prevented from participating in physical activities because of the limited number parks in our neighborhoods. According to the New York Department of Health, 43% of New York City school kids are obese (24%) or overweight (19%). As a result, record numbers of kids now suffer from obesity induced illnesses such as: type II diabetes, depression, sleep apnea, liver disease and low self esteem. Later in life, obese kids are at a much greater risk to develop high blood pressure and heart disease. While the pervasive presence of junk food doesn’t help, health professionals are increasingly pointing the finger at decreasing levels of everyday activity as kids are literally driven indoors for lack of safe places to walk, bicycle and play.
Holden and his bobble heads already have exclusive use of the Juniper Park ball fields and have prohibited local children from using the fields. Therefore they do not see the importance of the creation of new areas for our children to play. Our children need parks to play in where they can participate in organized sports. The leaders of tomorrow are being shaped and molded on the recreational fields in America. The lessons we teach the youth of today will be with them for the rest of their lives, and there is no better place to teach children about the world than on the field of play. Competition teaches more than just how to win and lose, it teaches a person how to win with class and at the same time be gracious in defeat. It promotes respect for your opponent and teammates, which later on will translate to your co-workers or partners, encourages teamwork and a willingness to work with others towards a common goal. All of these traits can be beneficial in the every aspect of life, not just in the sporting arena. Obviously, Holden and his oompaloompas have never played organized sports.

Organized sports satisfy a growing child’s need for inspiration and physical activity. In this video game age, kids would rather stay inside staring at the TV for hours on end than go outside and start a game of baseball (but not on the Juniper Ball fields because Holden won’t let them), football, basketball, or whatever. This is a problem that should be addressed or the future of America is going to be filled with maladjusted fat people (no offense to Christina)

Sports are an important tool for youngsters; it teaches them so many things that just can't be learned only in the classroom or in the home. Sports can help parents teach their children to persevere, to face adversity, to fight an honest and good fight and never give up. However, these lessons can only be put into practice on the field of play. Organizations like the Queens Falcons and Gottschee Soccer are desperately seeking fields to play on so they can continue to save kids from the perils of the street. They offer an invaluable service to the youth of our community and afford children the opportunity to succeed in life. I never heard a valedictorian thank a yellow-belly sap sucker for mentoring and being instrumental in his or her success.

Unfortunately, Bob Holden and the JPCA do not care about the kids of our community. All they care about are themselves and what they deem is right for the community. They would rather save a tree, a bird or a blood sucking tick (a distant relative of Bob Holden) than providing a safe place for our children to play. As for the Patriots, if we want to go see a tree or a flower, we’ll travel to one of the many beautiful botanical gardens. If we want to see an exotic bird, we’ll travel to the zoo. If we want to be pestered and annoyed by blood sucking parasites, we’ll attend a Juniper Park Civic Association meeting hosted by Bob Holden.



Anonymous said...

Amen Patrick. I'd like to see the Parks Department do a study of West Nile Virus transmission and the Ridgwood swamp.

georgetheatheist said...


Anonymous said...

The JPCA executive board clubhouse will go against Benepe and the people of New York again. And again the JPCA executive board will lose. Badly. They have the reverse Midas touch.

Holden and the flying monkeys are gluttons for punishment.

Anonymous said...

Did you see today's Daily News article on St. Saviour's? It really shows how badly the JPCA screwed up on that matter.

Bushwicker said...

Yeah, let's spend more millions of dollars for more thug-filled ball fields. If it's true that kids are not allowed to play on the ballfields you already have in your neighborhood, why not push for that to be reopened? Certainly a hell of a lot cheaper than building a park where nobody even lives. Duh.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the leader of the Fourm Crap will cover this. I hope they do a story on Media officials that are in a known Drug Location when the COPS storm in to make an arrest. Maybe some people make it to the toilet to flush the evidence away!

I am sure the Fourm Crap won't detail this story but some other news venue is getting ready to pull the plug on the Fourm.

Anonymous said...

If that's the case please look into the Scholarship fund at John Adams High School!

Some drug addicts with Gambling problems don't know how to cover there tracks too well.

They can write but they will have to read as well!

Anonymous said...

No Shot at Love with Tila at the Fourm!

Snort for free!