Wednesday, December 5, 2007


The owner of a historic church site in Maspeth has abruptly scrapped a controversial plan to build housing there - a surprise move that ironically increases the likelihood the church will be demolished. This is not a surprise move, but the only move the developer had to move forward after Holden and his delusional followers refused to compromise.

Maspeth Development LLC's proposal to construct 27 multifamily units on the 1.5-acre property of St. Saviour's Episcopal Church had met with stiff opposition from residents and civic leaders, who wanted it to be preserved and its once-wooded grounds turned into a park. The stiff opposition was nothing more than a tantrum by Holden and his unwillingness to see the tree and not just the forest.

Yet the sudden withdrawal of the residential plan has imperiled the church's future - and may lead the property to be developed for industrial, manufacturing or retail purposes. The sudden withdrawal means that the developer can build “as of right” with little to no input from the community. You can bet your bottom dollar that Maspeth will be getting something industrial, a manufacturing plant, or a big box retail store.

The owner of the St. Saviour's property, who spoke to the Daily News yesterday on the condition that his name not be used, said he was rebuffed recently by city planners in his effort to get a zoning change to allow for a residential development. We believe that City Planning (the Mayor and 99% of local officials) despises Holden and would rather have endured Chinese water torture than give in to the JPCA.

"We were given some indications that it wasn't going to have the support of City Planning, so it was just time to pull the plug," the owner said. We wonder what those indications were. Maybe it had something to do with the noose poster.

Having lost thousands of dollars on taxes, mortgage payments and services in the past two years, he said he is considering proposals that fit with the current mixed-use zoning, but he declined to elaborate. He said he also is entertaining offers to buy the property. In other words, “Maspeth say hello to your new industrial neighbors!”

The unexpected pullback from the residential plan came less than a month after The News reported that indicted City Councilman Dennis Gallagher had been lobbying behind the scenes in favor of the residential plan. Unexpected? We’ve known that this was a possibility from day one!

The developer said he first wanted to clear the entire property, but Gallagher brokered a compromise that would have preserved the church in return for concessions from the Department of City Planning for increased density. Isn’t ironic that the only person really working to save the save the church, was the anti-Christ, Dennis Gallagher?

"The only reason why that church still has four walls is due to Councilman Gallagher," the owner said, adding that without residential development, the agreement to restore the church is now "off the table." It’s becoming abundantly clear that Holden and his dummies are the real fly in the ointment!

One City Planning source said the withdrawal was "completely out of the blue and unexpected." This statement reveals just how clueless City Planning has become.

Planning Department spokeswoman Jennifer Torres said agency officials had asked the owner for greater specificity on how the church would be preserved. What a poignant question. Did city planning want to know what color scheme the developer was going to use during preservation?

"But that would not have held up the certification process," she said. DUH

Despite the apparent setback, community leaders vowed not to give up the fight for the property, on which Revolutionary War artifacts have been found. This is not a setback; this is a major loss thanks to Bob Holden. In addition, Holden and the JPCA haven’t won a fight in over a decade! Remember 7/11?, Unleashed dogs? Arby’s, Walgreens?

"This land can't be lost to a warehouse," said Robert Holden, president of Juniper Park Civic Association, which had filed an unsuccessful lawsuit to block the plan. "This is our heritage." This land will be lost to an industrial eyesore because of the JPCA’s short-sightedness and narrow-mindedness.

Thanks Bob!

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Anonymous said...

Lets see how the Fourm Crap tries to Spin this! Maybe after snorting they will come up with other means of revisionist history.

Can't wait till our Investigative report hits the Howard Beach Area

Anonymous said...

Hey how many calls to a Bookie in a week constitutes a problem. Look at Fourm records to see

mv ben said...

Christina Wilkinson said...

The property is contaminated and the housing market is in a slump. It will all come out in the next Juniper Berry.

Then why are we pushing for a playground? Would you want your children playing on contaminated land, or open the city to lawsuits?

Christina - Please go eat yourself into a coma!!

God Damn JPCA Losers!!

mv ben said...

Let use thier own words against them:

Anonymous said...

How is this a good thing if it means that now the church comes down and a big recycling plant goes up on the whole site?

Friday, November 30, 2007

Anonymous said...

Maybe because that's what the property is zoned for and what the people around there would prefer to Gallagher's plan to add 70 more families to an already crowded neighborhood and strained infrastructure.

Friday, November 30, 2007

And finally, from the JPCA fat loud-mouth ....

Christina Wilkinson said...

If you had bothered to actually speak with the people who live there, Dennis, you would know their feelings on this issue and know this is what they said they'd prefer to a cheap housing development across the street from them. They voiced this opinion at the first community board land use committee meeting last year, and earlier this year at a meeting we held with the residents at the Clinton Diner.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Well, Christina, it looks like those "resident" are going to get what they asked for.

Congrats are in order!! When are we celebrating!!

I think that Christina (the Fat) should be up for some more awards from JPCA!!

What does everybody think??

How about – the JPCA’s Worst Preservationist Award for 2007??

Anonymous said...

I'm not a basher of the JPCA. Bob, Christina and the folks over there have done some good for our community. But the truth is obvious here. They overplayed their hand, and we are all big time losers as a result. Your hearts were in the right place JPCA but your heads were up your a**.

Christina said...

Do you all know how angry I am over Gallagher screwing around with that old grandmother and yet he turned me down flat? I am even willing to sleep with "the caveman"! Who does he think he is making a laughing stock out of me like that!!

Just remember what I said to you Dennis - I will get you back for laughing at me when I offered you my body, and I don't care if I take St. Saviour's with me. That was very mean of you, you hurt my feelings, and I ate my way though the entire Arby's menu, crying over my curly fries until they were soggy (but I still ate them).

I know that I am just a JPCA loud mouth and I have no personal life, and I enjoy watching you from a distance and secretly wishing I was the one holding your hand and rubbing your pink bald head, but now I only have Bob and Tony to "take care" of when all I really every wanted was YOU.

So to hell with St. Saviour's - I can't wait until they take it down so that I can blame you, and I can just lay there with Bob and Tony wanking all over my body (all the while fantasizing it you).

Anonymous said...

Well at least we now know the REAL reason that Christina is attacking Gallagher.

Nothing like a scorned women!!!

Dennis, you should have just learned to hold your breath (she is pretty raunchy isn't she!) and just given her what she wanted.

mv ben said...

Yeah, some of that "elfing" loving!!


The Riddler said...

Answer me this:

What is better than roses on your piano?


Tony "Two Lips" in the middle of a sales tax audit.

Hey Tony, cheating on your taxes doesn't make great publicity for running for City Councilman!!