Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Democracy Prevails in Venezuela!

The Anti-American, Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez was defeated in his quest to overhaul the country’s constitution allowing him to run for re-election for life. The Venezuelan people may have sealed the Castro wannabe’s fate because now Chavez will have to step down as president in 2013. Unfortunately, this latest victory is a small battle won as compared to the larger war that must be fought by Chavez’s opposition. The dictator has vowed that he will continue his efforts to anoint himself leader for life of the Venezuelan people.

Not surprisingly, there were some Americans that were sobbing due to Crazy Chavez’s defeat. Sean Penn, Naomi Campbell, Alec Baldwin and Michael Moore could not be reached for comment. However, most look forward to meeting with President Chaves in Caracas in the near future. These Hollywood talking heads really have no clue. They scream that OUR government is practicing censorship, spying on its citizens and silencing detractors but they support a dictator who has shut down various media outlets and has imprisoned hundreds of people for voicing their opposition. Only in Lollywood.

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Anonymous said...

here we go again with thr irght wing drivel. I too was happy Chavez lost, he's wants to be another Castro, and he lost.

But stop this spiel about how Micahel Moore and Alec Baldwin are sad for his loss. They dont support him, but support the right of Venezuela to decide their own elections, which they rightly did so.

Do you really want to get in a pissing match over this administrations record..How they started a war we should never have fought and how they wanted to go to war with Iran, while our army is stretchd to the breaking point and still tied down in Iraq???

Good call for the people of Venezuela, and the King od Spain should never ever apologioze to this guy for what he said. Next time the King should slap him Joe Pesi style...