Friday, May 15, 2009

Ulrich full of Elephant Shit

According to City Hall News, Eric “the boy blunder” Ulrich has turned his back against the very people who were instrumental in getting him elected (even though everyone knows he will lose the seat in November).

In true Eric Ulrich fashion, the snot nose kid threw Phil Ragusa, Tom Ognibene and the rest of the Queens GOP under the bus by coming out early and supporting the Mayor before the county organization was unified in its endorsement. This surprised no one who knows Ulbitch because even though he is a kid, he has proven to be a self-interested, self-centered and self-serving piece of Elephant dung. Eric Ulrich is a party loyalist when it serves Eric and will cast aside his party affiliation for his own political expediency at the drop of the hat. He is a true hypocrite and two-faced politician.

When asked about his quick mayoral endorsement Eric Ulbitch stated, “I didn’t want to wait for the county to come out and do it, because then obviously it would be seen as me just following what the party does, I’m not into machine politics.”

We hope that Chairman Ragusa along with leaders of the Queens Republicans in all 5 boroughs remember this when the boy blunder needs to raise the needed funds and volunteers required to win re-election.

Thankfully, a billion dollars and hundreds of volunteers will still not enable Eric Ulrich to win re-election.


The Shadow knows said...

Sounds like you are afraid of
Eric Ulrich.........WOW..The light is on and all the rats are running.
No one in your court anymore to feed you and your corrupt friends.
Gallagher is out, Como is out, Ricatta is out, and all their cronies are scrambling for jobs.
WHO moved the cheese? We the people want real representatives,
not bloated, stuttering, crack head, swinger, alcoholic, rapists who make Queens living unbearable. Time to move on, get out of the closet and join the movement to help people, not hurt them with your envious ways.
GOD Bless America!

Anonymous said...

He's into machine politics, the Bloomberg machine. One could say he sold out his principles,except lil Eric had none to begin with.

Anonymous said...

His mentor, Ogni-has-been taught him everything he knows.

Anonymous said...

This is completely true. Everyone knows he won for only one reason...there was no one left to vote for. I can't wait for the election in November. I am ready to give all the time I need to get Frank Gulluscio elected, the only qualified candidate in our district.

Anonymous said...


Out of mothballs, ogni-has-been runs for city council.

Anonymous said...

Yeeks! A has been crook and a wannabe crook. Check out boy-wonder's new ride. Finally has one with NY plates, albeit vanity ones. He seems to have found a better gig than insurance fraud. Of course, like any other under-26 kid who buys a new car with the first grownup paycheck, he's already had an accident.

Anonymous said...

Ulrich is a rat!

Anonymous said...

ogni-has-been needs to give it up. He materializes out of thin air threatening to sue the city. However, he has a "good relationship" with the mayor. All lies.

Ogni-has-been needs to quite and stop embarassing himself.

Anonymous said...

Yea He use to teach at my school and got slapped around by the kids.
I still remeber the day when he got slapped with a pancake lol.