Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Obama to Environment, "Fu@# You! I want a Hamburger!

When President Obama wants a hamburger he doesn't care about citizens or the environment, he needs to fill his belly with a cheeseburger at any cost.

Like a pregnant woman with a midnight craving, President Barack Hussein Obama ordered the presidential motorcade to start their engines because he had the fever for some beef, fries and a diet coke.

Local police, Secret Service vehicles, two or more limos, press vans, and a counterassault team raced to Ray’s Hells Burger so the President Obama could get his hands on a tasty burger. The carbon footprint caused by this lunchtime excursion made the local trash fill site look like Central Park. The motorcade caused traffic jams and created an impossible situation for local residents. But everything was O.K in the end because Obama ate his hamburger and was happy.

Maybe next time President Barack Hussein Obama can send a White House aide to save gas, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, reduce lunchtime traffic and no longer inconvenience the general public because the Obama wants a hamburger.

Can this guy really be this selfish, egotistically and stupid?


Anonymous said...

Where's your beef?

GW Bush did the same thing.

Bill Clinton did the same thing.

GHW Bush did the same thing.

Ronald Reagan did the same thing.

It's called politics.

Unless you want our presidents to literally live in sealed isolation chambers, we have to live with these things.

Give it a break.

Anonymous said...

If this is all you've got, you might as well pack it in the the next 3.5 year until you can again try to elect Gov. Palin.