Monday, May 4, 2009

Laura Ingraham Exposes Feminist Hypocrisy

Laura Ingraham shows in the clip below that feminists dont give a crap about the rights of women and their freedom to speak their mind. Feminist Gloria Feldt exposes the fact that the new feminist movement is more concerned about to upholding the liberal agenda than championing the rights of women.

Great clip


Anonymous said...

Give it a rest already.

Laura Ingraham is an idiot. Always has been and continues to be.

You use the word "liberal" like it's evil. Well, try learning something about it. Progressive policies may include most feminists but not all.

Change this site to Juniper Park PATHETICS

This site should just vanish.

Anonymous said...

Just more proof that liberals hate when they're exposed for the hypocrites they are. Liberalism and progressivism are damaging to the fundamentals America was built on and the feminists you see representing their cause on TV are in lock step with their policies.

Anonymous said...

Also forgot to mention, even more typical of a Liberal when you say "This site should just vanish." Once again, Liberals are all for free speech...but only when you agree with them.

Anonymous said...

No. The site should vanish because it's lost its purpose: MIDDLE VILLAGE AND MASPETH.

You claim liberalism and progressive thinking are anathama to this country's founding principals? Well apparently you do not believe in the Declaration or Constitution since they were the most progressive documents the world had ever witnessed.

You are allowing warped, narrow mindedness to distort rational thought.

FIXED "news" and the NYPost and NY Daily News and Weekly Standard and Rush LimBORE (et al), and Washington Times and WSJ are all main stream media... so the media is not liberal. And having suffered through the cartoonish FIXED "news" we certainly all know it's not Fair and Balanced.

georgetheatheist said...

Heart transplants. Breast inplants. Laura Ingraham needs a larynx implant. What a shrill voice!