Monday, May 4, 2009

Eric Ulrich Lying to Community and the Press?

In a recent press release issued on April 22nd, Ulrich announced that as part of a budget modification vote, the City Council voted to preserve funding for the city’s 59 Community Boards for the remainder of Fiscal Year 2009. The original plan to cut $295,000 in funding to community boards would have negatively affected their operations citywide. Ulrich also pledge to fight to preserve full funding for our community boards during the upcoming negotiations for the FY 2010 budget.

According to sources, this vote never happened and it is a complete fabrication by Eric Ulrich. Moreover, the Office of Management and Budget stated that the $295,000 cut restoration that Councilman Ulbitch is referring to was restored last December during the adoption of the November Plan. It was a proposed $5000 cut for each community board in FY 2009.

Eric Ulrich is proving to be the manipulative, lying, cheat that we knew he was.

Don’t take our word for it; call the Office of Management and Budget office for yourself.

C’mon Eric, didn’t they teach you in the seminary that lying was a sin!

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Anonymous said...

ogni-has-been needs to give it up. He materializes out of thin air threatening to sue the city. However, he has a "good relationship" with the mayor. All lies.

Ogni-has-been needs to quite and stop embarassing himself.