Friday, March 20, 2009

The Pink Politico Opines About Ulrich

Oh Boy, This is worse than We Thought

You know we live in bizzaro world when an impotent Mayor Bloomberg jokes that he could be Eric Ulrich’s grandfather, a delusional Republican leader (Rosemary Ciulla-Frisone) boasts that she elected Barack Obama for change and that is why she supports Eric Ulrich, a “non-political” priest named Father Colamaria pokes fun at political figures who ran against Ulrich and a President of a “college” applauds Eric’s callousness during a very odd swearing-in ceremony.

Just read the article below and the hairs on the back of your neck will stand on end.

Mayor swears in Eric Ulrich as Councilmember
Thursday, March 19, 2009 10:47 AM EDT

The room erupted in thunderous applause as City Councilmember Eric Ulrich took his unofficial oath of office – administered by Mayor Michael Bloomberg – on Sunday, March 15.

“He [Ulrich] will do a great job and this city will benefit from it,” said Bloomberg, who joked that at 24, he could not just be Ulrich’s father, but grandfather.

In fact, Ulrich’s grandparents, as well as his great-grandfather, attended the ceremony at Howard Beach’s P.S. 207, and were given special tribute by one of the youngest members ever to be elected to the City Council.

Ulrich was elected to represent the 32nd Council District on Tuesday, February 24 in a Special Election. He fills the seat vacated by Senator Joseph Addabbo.
“We worked day and night [on his campaign],” said Scott Jordan of Ozone Park.
(Scott Jordon is a moron and a long time crime partner of Eric Ulrich, the press should look into Mr. Jordan’s past)

“We elected [President] Barack Obama because we needed a change,” said Rosemary Ciulla-Frisone of the Ronald Reagan Republican Club of Howard Beach. “And that’s how we feel about Eric.”
(Ronald Reagan is turning over in his grave listening to this moron comparing the election of Barack Obama to Eric stealing the 32nd Council Election)

The results were to be certified on Tuesday, March 17 by the New York City Board of Elections (BOE), and Ulrich will officially be sworn in by the City Clerk “as soon as possible” thereafter.
(We are sure that Ulrich insiders will be there “ensuring” that the certification goes their way)

But on Sunday, March 15, as nearly 500 people came out to support the new Councilmember, Father Francis Colamaria, pastor of Holy Child Jesus Church, delivered the opening benediction by thanking God “for Eric’s opponents in the race [Lew Simon, Geraldine Chapey and Mike Ricatto],” to which the audience replied with raucous laughter.
(We hope that the Diocese speaks to Father Colamaria about not mixing religion and politics)

“I wanted to see him sworn in,” said Marie Cazzalino as she sat in the audience. “He is young, ambitious – we need new faces.”
(Poor Marie Cazzalino has no idea how many face Eric Ulrich actually possess, but fear not for he will rear his many ugly heads)

Dr. Frank J. Macchiarola, former New York City Public Schools Chancellor and former President of St. Francis College – of which Ulrich is an alumnus – served as the Master of Ceremonies for the event.

With great pride, Macchiarola informed the audience of how he’s always known Ulrich to be smart and ambitious – of how he always knew he would achieve great things.

“It’s a remarkable achievement,” he said, noting that Ulrich’s campaign was a grassroots one. “It’s absolutely something to be proud of.”
(It is remarkable that Ulrich has fooled so many people in such a short time. His arrogance is confused with intelligence and his ambition disguises his personal greed)

When Bloomberg took the stage, he shared “tips for success” with Ulrich, which included “Laugh at Councilmember Simcha Felder’s jokes,” and attend Council sessions “because the New York Post counts [attendance].”
(Let’s not forget raise taxes, ignore the will of the voters and advance your personal career at any cost)

After Ulrich recited the oath and the audience, – many still waving campaign signs – cheered, the new Councilmember joked, “I paid them to do that.”
(He also paid a lot of other people that the NYC Campaign Finance Board should look into immediately. I bet not ALL expenditures were listed)

“Each and every one of you has been a part of who I am today and I want to thank you for coming,” he continued. “I will work closely with all of my colleagues” to empower local businesses to remain open and allow people struggling to pay their mortgages stay in their homes.”
(Eric is delusional; insiders know he will be unable to do anything in the council because his reputation precedes him.)

He vowed, “From this moment on, my life, my entire being will be dedicated to the people – I’m not a benchwarmer, I’m not a placeholder – I’m here to serve.”
(Eric’s statement is already changing, during the election he said he HAS been dedicated to the people for his entire 24 years living on this earth. Poor Eric is delusional he thinks that he is not a benchwarmer nor a place holder for Frank Gulluscio who will the seat back in November)

Macchiarola then thanked those in attendance – many of whom worked on Ulrich’s campaign – including Tom Ognibene, State Supreme Court Justice Augustus C. Agate, Democratic District Leader Frances Abbracciamento, Jane Deacy, Republican District Leader, State Senator Marty Golden, former Councilmember Al Stabile, Republican County Leader Phil Ragusa, and Queens County Conservative Party Leader Tom Long.
(What a collection of self serving political parasites)

Rabbi Tzvi Berkowitz of the Rockwood Park Jewish Center then delivered the closing blessing with “May the future journey of Honorable Eric Ulrich be one of peace.”
(I wonder what the Rabbi would say if he knew what Eric really thought about people of the Jewish faith)

A reception and meet-and-greet followed the ceremony.

Ulrich will serve as Councilmember through the end of the year, but he will have to run again in November, when all of the 51 Council seats are up for grabs.
(Eric will lose in November)

Many of his supporters are already gearing up.
(Too bad Eric would no longer have all the Gulluscio people who voted in the special)

“This is a very proud day, bit it is only the beginning, I’m sure,” said Deacy. “He has many more miles to go.”
(Deacy used to be a very astute District Leader, it is so sad to see her mental faculties deteriorate)

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