Friday, March 27, 2009

Crowley Confounds Civic

We knew it wouldn't take long before Elizabeth Crowley and Robert Holden's love affair would end in a conflagration of conflicting views!

Crowley is a moron and has no clue how to be an effective elected official.

Hasn't she repeatedly stated in public that she would not support a school built in Maspeth that is not locally zoned? Quoted in papers reiterating the same position? What changed her vacuous mind?

Read the Juniper Park Civic Association article below

Crowley shocks Juniper Civic meeting attendees
by Christina Wilkinson

Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley shocked the crowd at the last Juniper Park Civic Association general membership meeting by vowing to vote in favor of the proposed 1,100-seat public high school at 54-44 74th Street with the only stipulation being that it be zoned for local students.

The facts that the school will be themed (with the theme not yet known), public transportation to the site is limited and currently overburdened, there is no parking for the staff and there are already 2 other schools serving 3,000 students within 4 blocks of the proposed site apparently does not bother the councilwoman.

Using the lines "District 24 needs thousands of high school seats," "The community board voted 3-1 in favor of the school," "I've been in talks with the Department of Education to make PS58 and IS73 locally zoned K-8 schools" and "I have not changed my position" as well as questioning where members of the audience sent their kids to school, she seemed to be representing someone other than the people of the community who came to the meeting. By a show of hands, attendees were unanimously against the building of the school at the 74th Street location.

Crowley neglected to mention in her little speech that the community board only voted yes if the following conditions were met:

- a non−themed, comprehensive education curriculum
- top priority seating for students in the PS 58 catchment area, then to District 24 students in the ZIP codes 11373, 11378, 11379 and 11385, then to students in all of District 24 and finally to students in all of Queens.
- school arrival and dismissal times that do not coincide with those of the other nearby public schools
- teacher parking, which is not included by design at any of the city’s public schools

A deal is obviously being made behind the scenes between the councilwoman and the mayor's office and Maspeth is going to end up getting the short end of the stick as usual.

Call Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley at 718-366-3900 and tell her to vote NO on the proposed Maspeth high school. Also remind her that we as a community voted her in and can just as easily vote her out.


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y are the patroits promoting Christina Wilkinson article?

Very Strange!

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Phony Tony Como is duplicitious.

Phony Tony Como should shut his mouth, he is gaining to much weight!

Where is his neck!!!

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what does tony como have to do moron.

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Is that even english?

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What dose Tony Como have to do with this. MORON.

Are you happy now.

Now go to the JPCA and kiss your Fuhrer's feet.

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Dog and pony show this afternoon on 74th st. Councilmember Avella seen out of his district with queens crap staff Christina W Manny C and Bobby H. What a joke. Harassing and laughing about Aldona overheared statments about the ignorance of the Polish people,. Then they went down to see Dizzy Lizzy Talking about the school she is endorsing. The real crap of the neighborhood all in one place. That element alone would give cause for condeming Resturant Depot site The stench alone was unbearable.

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Imagine the stink if the Phony Tony Como crew were that is a smell.

James is particularly smelly.

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Queens Crap is an appropriate name for the people who run that site, and their supporters in the Kool-Aid Civic Association. They are the shame of Maspeth and Middle Village with their ignorance and intolerance and down-right hate for anyone who disagrees with them. They've done some good things for our community in the past, but in recent years they've become increasingly nasty and belligerent. The end doesn't justify the means. The people of Middle Village and Maspeth-- "their community"-- have to ask themselves: How many more people can they afford to alienate? How many more wars will they start before it finally comes down on them? And how exactly does this infighting make their community better?

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What happened?????? This website has changed....How sad.....

Bring back the old Patriot.


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we knew crowley was dumb when she came out like 6 years ago! why holden would pair up with her astounds this like keep your enemies close??? I hope so.

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What is happening here? Am I in the twilight zone?

Where are the Patriots??????

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I know....where are the patroits. I know where they are.

Serf and the band of jerks are helping bloomberg run for mayor.

Phony Tony Como votes no and then helps bloomberg.

Thats Phony Tony Como for you...always phony all the time.

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Serf is helping bloomberg. Where is his buddy phony tony como? I thought he voted no to a 3 term.

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An Open Letter to Patrick Henry, the founder of the Juniper Park Patriots:

Please take back this blog site. You provided us with the ability to see what was happening behind the "camera". You gave us insight to events that the local papers would not cover for fear of reprisal or financial retribution.

Dennis may be enjoying himself now that he has taken control of this blog, but most of us do not care about his war against Bob Holden and his JCPA dummies. Also, he has proven that he can ruin almost anything he comes in contact with so please stop him from further destroying the Juniper Park Patriots.

Thank you.

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I agree. Those "guys" who run this blog did aare much funnier.

Where did they go anyway?

Are they helping Serf get Bloomberg elected???