Monday, March 9, 2009

A Letter From A Reader

A Letter From A Reader

Now let's get this straight:

1. Bob Holden and the JPCA own all of Middle Village and control the park.

2. They hate dogs and dog owners.. hence their fight against off leash, refusal to permit or endorse a dog park (paid by Parks) in Juniper Valley Park. Of course they lost.

3. Lorraine - the Wicked Witch - and other JPCA board members think children are "monsters"

4. One of the reasons cited by JPCA in opposing a dog park is that it would bring in "outsiders."

5. The JPCA (most likely Christina) secretly reports to an anti dog website run by a racist misanthrope in Brooklyn. She sends him video of dogs made to look like dogs owners are violating the law, and now this:

Why do we think it's Christina? Well she is a birder as is the owner of Credo and they correspond through birder groups.

So here is the JPCA telling someone in Staten Island what to do and then posting it on a Brooklyn website.

The bottom line is that the JPCA demands control of Middle Village / Maspeth.

They oppose change.

The oppose anything that might allow young families to move into the community because that equals change.

They oppose "outsiders" whether they are school monsters or dog owners.

Yet, they involve themselves everywhere else in NYC using the claim that as city taxpayers they have the right to do so (while this is true, don't they see the hypocrisy of their own actions?).

Lorraine finally revealed who or what she really is. She oozes hate and intolerance.

Other JPCA board members supported her hate speech.

Sadly, until the members of the civic association are willing to stand up and demand new, responsible leadership, Middle Village will be treated with contempt by city officials.

Instead of rightly being seen as a neighborhood of hard working families, seniors, and a few singles, the area is seen as Archie Bunkerville.

But having heard Lorraine's latest Screed, it's more like Oz... hopefully a hose will land on her and rid us of this scourge.



Anonymous said...

It is time for Lorraine Sciulli to step down from the community board. Her views are shortsighted & the only agenda she is fullfilling is her (JPCA) personal vision(s) of how Middle Village should be. If we do not keep pace with the younger families who are moving into our communties with good schooling we will become a less attractive neighborhood to live in & house values will fall.
The Mayor & Borough President should demand her resignation.

I am paying $14k a year in HS tuition because Middle Village does not have a High School. My children are not Monsters & I am resentful of the comments. I do support the HS giving zoned students preference. That is fair & the way most schools in NYC operate.

Anonymous said...

So you're in favor of the school?

Anonymous said...

He/she is in favor of the school dummy!

Anonymous said...

I guess Lorraine doesn't see how her precious area around the park is changing.....

She doesn't care about the areas surrounding the park because it don't affect her. She only cares about Juniper Blvd North and the park.

Remember, the JPCA covers only "parts" of Middle Village, Maspeth and South Elmhurst, not all. The rest of the area isn't important!


72nd Street Homeowner said...

"I am paying $14k a year in HS tuition because Middle Village does not have a High School."

There are high schools throughout the rest of the city that are 100% free. Now a teenager, your kid is old enough to take the bus or subway to get to them. Quit your bitching. By the time this high school is built, your kid will have graduated, so why the hell do you want it built so badly?

Anonymous said...

Dear 72nd Street Homeowner:

Why the hell do I want it built so badly? I have two other kids, that's why.

Thanks for your input, D-bag.

Anonymous said...

You have to go thru an application process for those other schools. Why shouldn't we have a HS in our neighborhood? I am not Bitching as you so nicely worded it. I am pointing a fact. I care because a HS in our neighborhood is the right thing. I do not want anyone in the future to have to stress about where there child is going to school. I am thinking of others, what are you thinking of.

Anonymous said...

to 72nd St...

Your nasty tone is unnecessary and your attitude inappropriate.

Whether or not the aforementioned commenter has a high school aged child when (if) the school is built is not the issue.

Other MV families will have high school aged children. In order to keep MV vibrant, it has to be a place where families want to live and can live.

The "monster" comment was so out of line, I believe this Miss Sciuli should be removed from the CB. Openmindedness is required of our community leaders. Not prejudice.

Anonymous said...

Removed from the Community Board. When did this happen before??? When Pinky removed Tony. Interesting. Who wrote that one....Cimino; O'Brien; Coppolla; Insalaco or Amato...I wonder!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, some people are self serving. They only care about themselves. Education is important, good schools are important. This might not be the best location but the Board of Ed will do what they want in the end.
Children are not monsters and I DO TAKE OFFENSE TO THAT REMARK. This lady is on the community board?

Anonymous said...

Locally Zone Phony Tony Como's castle. It is big enough for 1100 students.

Anonymous said...

good one...LOL...Phony Tony Como

Anonymous said...

He is so phony. How can you serve the public and live in a house like that!!

Anonymous said...

the real monsters are Serf and his band of a**holes.

Anonymous said...

Did Kerry write this article?

Bob Holden's Love Child said...

NY Daily News publishes some of the best dog runs in NYC--including 2 from Queens:

Who do you believe, the JPCA executive board (Wilkintubby) or an objective newspaper that dog runs are great community assets and that some of the best are found in Queens?

Bob Holden's Love Child said...

Queens Ledger has a good article about the dog run issue in Juniper Valley Park:

Anonymous said...

look, things will never chnage until these all gasbags keel over. Patience Middle Villagers, Lorraine is almost 102!