Monday, November 3, 2008

Meet the 2 Ton Family...

Since QC likes to make fun of CM Como weight, and now his wife (a real low-life move), I figured that we should take a look at Nunziato’s family to see how "fit" they are.

Mmmm, Looks that Tony must have some really strong support beams in his house too. The only difference between Nunziato’s house and CM Como’s house is … Nunziato lives in a shit hole, and CM Como lives in a mansion.

Guess that is the real difference between going to law school and selling flowers.



Anonymous said...

That's a whole lot of ugly.

More chins than a Chinese phone book.

Anonymous said...

Quick question for you. Monkey Boy Tony Nunziato was a memeber of the JPCA, and the berry goes out of its away to attack MM, inn't there a conflict of interest?

Shouldn't that be closely examined?

Anonymous said...

He should have spend his money for a membership at "the World Gym" instead. Take up running instead of trying to run a campaign.
I also agree , how much of taxpayers money was used to publish the JBerry to attack Markey. It praised Fat Tony Tulip, came off more liked campaign Li.
Let the IRS investigations start and the lawsuits fly.

Anonymous said...

Wow, to think that the use of a condom could have prevented all that ugly...