Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Here Comes Dumbotron

According to the Politicker, Eric "Dumbotron" Gioia is suggesting that the city, despite the growing economic crisis, foot the bill to install giant television sets in Central Park so ordinary New Yorkers can watch Obama's inauguration ceremony.

The Public Advocate hopeful is advocating for a ridiculous event. Maybe if this stupid plan doesn't work, Gioia will close down the city and have local bars and restaurants sponsor a "Drink with Obama Day" where White Russians, Kamikazes and Cuban Daiquiri are half price!

From our friend Azi

City Councilman Eric Gioia wants Jumbotrons erected in Central Park for
all those New Yorkers who can't score a ticket or get to Washington D.C. to
celebrate Barack Obama's inauguration in January.

Gioia, speaking with me after Ray Kelly's testimony, said if the city
can't pay for it, the cost could be borne by private funding.

"New York has a history of celebrating great human achievement," said
Gioia, "and clearly this is a historic moment and a celebration for the entire

The night Obama won the election, Representative Charlie Rangel put up
a big screen outside the federal building on 125th Street and hosted a series of
guest speakers. (The Saturday before the election, Rangel hosted elected
officials and musical acts at the same location).

Speaking of the Central Park location, Gioia said laughingly, "If it's
good enough for Bon Jovi, it should be good enough for the inauguration."

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