Saturday, November 1, 2008

Holden Busted for Political Favoritism Fraud and Finagling

A JPP tipster and Juniper Park Civic Association insider has revealed that Tricky Dick Holden continues to be an unscrupulous fraud and manipulator. Apparently, the reason Holden, Nunziato, Wilkinson and Scuilli kept changing the debate dates is because Crowley and Addabbo had scheduling conflicts. That's mighty accommodating of Holden the sham boy. I wonder if the candidates who aren't in Bob's good favor would have been granted the same consideration.


On October 23rd, there was a big Queens County democratic dinner featuring Shrillary Clinton and of course the two party machine cogs had to attend. So bullshit Bob, who has lambasted the Queens County democrats eagerly rescheduled the debate for October 30th to allow Crowley and Addabbo to attend.

Oh Boobie Holden, you are such a transparent sorry excuse for a human being. We would have more respect for you if you just told the truth. You are losing and you will lie, steal and cheat to survive. I have to give Avella credit for now staying away from you because Avella doesn't sell out to save his ass.

Holden is just a big piece of crap.


Anonymous said...

Were you wearing your aluminum foil hat with antennae while you wrote this moronic post? It make no sense at all.

Or maybe it just makes sense to your other conspiracy theorists.

Mike said...

Holden needs to go and the JPCA chater revoked for engaging in political activities. Holden is writing letters as President of the JPCA trying to influence members to vote his way. Poor Bob is losing his mind.

Linda said...

I hear that the JPCA is splintering because of all the political shennanigans. The JPCA should stick to community issues and Holden should refrain from political activities. The JPCA has accomplished nothing since all the political attacks started.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the republicans seem pretty bitter. I think Bobby Holden saw the writing on the wall, that the Republicans were toast nationwide and especially in NYS and NYC, and ran for the life boats.

I find it really funny that Bobby sold out Gallagher, another man of the year winner, and Maltese who was man of the year in 2001.

He pretty much sat by and watched the GOP in Queens County self destruct.

Anonymous said...

Nuziatto also used the FDNY patch and firefighter without permission. The FDNT patch is the property of the city of NY. It is licensed to raise money for firefighter charities( the fire zone in Rock Center) and the money goes to education and health. Nuziatto took it upon himself to use it without permission. The firefighters and the Fire Officers did not endorse him. They endorsed Markey. The Lawsuits should follow as well as letters from (/11 families and firefighters. He has basically stole from the unions and the city of new york. Nice job fat Tony Tulip.