Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Call a Plumber!

We hope Middle Village, Maspeth and Glendale Residents dont see these turds when their toilets back-up during the next flood....


Anonymous said...

Where is Scuilli?

georgetheatheist said...

I've always wondered, why eat kernels of corn at all if they never are digested?

Anonymous said...

How about Dooce-bag? Or doesn't hit fit in the bowl due to his corpulence?

Back to the Future said...

Here we go again! The JPCA executive board is gearning up for yet another ass whoopin'.

You see, last CB meeting, the age old matter of building a dog park in Juniper Valley Park was raised.

From the Forum West's blog: At the beginning of the meeting, resident Joseph Pisano requested that the board look into the possibility of creating an area for dogs in Juniper Valley Park. He noted that the park currently includes almost every type of sports field. “There is everything for everybody except a dog park for dog owners,” he said. The board agreed to look into the request.


Astute observers of the JPCA executive board's numerous defeats will remember way back in 2006 when the JPCA and then vice-chair Holden went to war against a dog park in Juniper Park AND off-leash hours. The JPCA chose to wage a costly and futile war against the dog owners of NYC by suing the NYC Parks Department over the off-leash hours policy. And lost big time. Total defeat. And while they were at it flushed down the toilet over $10,000.00 of the JPCA's taxpayer-funded money (has anyone looked into this agregious abuse of funds?).

Anyway, fast forward two years and there's a few less JPCA dingbats on the CB, and the ones who are there have been demoted by their peers for their less than exemplary behavior (Bobby!).

So guess what? The community still desires a dog run in the highly developed Juniper Valley Park. I mean, if Bobby can have his locked ball fields, why can't the hundreds of area dog owners have an enclosed dog run? The JPCA and in particular Auntie Lou-rain are always complaining about the off-leash hours in Juniper. If there was a dog run built, the off-leash hours would likely go away.

I bet when Joseph Pisano put this before the CB, Bobby's freakin jaw hit the table. LOL.

As soon as she was able to run home to her mom's basement, Wilkinson began to bad mouth all dog owners in a preemptive strike in the JPCA's long and sorry history of fighting against dog owners. By taking a page from one of her birder friends in Brooklyn, who's racist and hate filled blog she frequents, Wilkinson has signaled the JPCA's tired lies against dog owners and dogs in parks as a legitimate recreational activity are once again going to be trotted out (at least the dog run wouldn't be locked like Holden's ball fields).

So here we go again. Back to the future! The JPCA lost big time last go around. Their humiliation and pain must have waned enough to give it another college try.

Anonymous said...

Where are Maltese, Gallagher the rapist, Coimo and their lapdog LaSala?

Anonymous said...

Where is Scuilli??????

Anonymous said...

Come on Patrick, you could fit one more face in the bowl. Put her in!

Yah think ? said...

Getting organized to play in other
peoples ballparks - coming soon to a meeting near you !