Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I agree with Bob Holden .... (OMG)

I got home today, and found a nice letter from Bob "Puppet Master" Holden endorsing Joe Addabbo for State Senate.

Holden goes on to say, “His opponent has had more than 20 years in Albany. He's had plenty of time and plenty of chances to change things. Even says the system in Albany “works well". Works well? for us. Year after year, he fails to stand up for our community - shortchanging us in educational funding, leaving Albany without passing ethics reform and failing to end out of control spending."

And yet I couldn't help wondering that just in 2001 JPCA was “proud to announce that State Senators Serphin R. Maltese has been selected as “Man of the Year for 2001."

According to information I received at the debate last Thursday night, Sen. Maltese has given more than $284,000 of our hard-earned taxpayer money into the hands of Bob Holden and the JPCA executive board, and all this since 1997. I was shocked that the senator had given all this money to JPCA. That $100,000 has been spent on ball fields in Juniper Valley Park use exclusively by the Midville Dodgers Baseball Program and closed to the rest of the Middle Village Maspeth community baseball programs.

So why would Holden say, that, year after year. Sen. Maltese fails to stand for our community?

I have to agree with Bob Holden (that leaves a bad taste in my mouth)! Sen. Maltese over the years has helped Bob Holden, Tony Nunziato and the rest the JPCA board fight battles AGAINST our community such as the dog run and “The Moving Wall” Vietnam Memorial in Juniper Park. In 2006 Holden/Nunziato were even against the Middle Village Chamber of Commerce holding a community day in Juniper Park , that brought happiness and joy to almost 5,000 famlies in our community, and have continued to protest against it in 2007 and 2008.

Sen. Maltese, you were WRONG for funding, JPCA, Holden, and Nunziato. They do not stand for our community, and only for their self motivated interests.

And now that your seat is in jeopardy, what does the great liar Bob Holden do, he lies about your accomplishments in the last 20 years, says you have done nothing for the community, and he goes and makes a deal with Councilman Joe Addabbo.

It is clear that Holden and Nunziato are nothing but political whores that will say anything and do anything to line their pockets with our hard-earned taxpayer money so they can continue their battle against our communities, and move the JPCA agenda forward.

Sen. Maltese, I hope you have learned a very valuable lesson. If you win in tomorrow's election, I hope you will not waste our taxpayer money and fund the JPCA with one red cent of our hard earned cash.

And as for Joe Addabbo, remember, When you lay down with dogs you wake up with fleas.


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Anonymous said...

Its ironic that Maltese enpowered Holden by giving tax payer money to the JPCA and then Holden stuck the knife in Maltese's back with endoring the Dem.

I think Maltese would have lost anyway, but Bobby should have shown political loyalty.

Mr. Mojo Risin