Friday, July 10, 2009

Ulrich Budget Cuts Reduce Free Summer Concerts

“I swear to use taxpayer funds to advance my Political Future notwithstanding the unethical and potentially immoral nature of my actions, I further pray that the District Attorney does not look too closely. I will continue to master quid pro quo so help me God”

When Eric Ulrich was elected in the special election to replace Joseph Addobbo we told everyone who would listen that this young man was not the right choice. Granted the field was weak and there was not much of a choice but nevertheless he was never and is still incapable of representing the district.

At the tender age of 23, we felt young Eric was too inexperienced, too hot headed and frankly not up to the task. After all, this is his first job right out of college! Imagine giving A 23 YEAR OLD KID a $122,000 A YEAR JOB WITHOUT ANY EXPERIENCE! What’s next making someone a Pilot without training? I would never get on a plane with that Pilot! Would you?

Well it seems that we were right. As the Patriots continue to examine the NYC budget we see that young Eric, in an attempt to placate his supporters and play politics with taxpayer money has decimated a fine organizations budget – The Queens Symphony Orchestra and instead has padded the pork to his political allies.

Are we shocked? No! Are we concerned? Yes. The JPP is in the midst of detailing all of the changes Councilman Ulrich has made to the budget and how he is using the budget and taxpayer money for a Political Quid Pro Quo.

So this summer, we all will may miss a few concerts, we will wonder if the Queens Symphony will have enough cash to make it, but we will most certainly go line by line through the NYC budget and report to you how Eric Ulrich is using your taxpayer funds to get elected. So far, in our initial estimation approximately $300,000 has been identified and is questionable.


Anonymous said...

This is so funny it is clear that this egomanic is all about himself, thanks for exposing him!

Anonymous said...

I'm no big fan but I just checked the Member Items on the budget. For a junior member (AND a Republican) Ulrich did OK. He didn't get a lot of money and distributed it throughout his district. At first glance it would appear VAC's got the Lions Share

Anonymous said...

He got among the very least and did not distribute it fairly throughout his district. Am I really to believe there are no non-Catholic churches that run worthy fundable programs in his district? Am I really to believe that the VAC with the largest catchment area is worth less than 3 in the same small area? Am I really to believe basketball and baseball are the only sports worth funding?

Anonymous said...

Eric clearly has underestimated his constituency! We will stop at anything to rid ourselves of the egomanic!

Please bring Joe Addabbo back! He has to be tired of Albany by now!

Linda D. said...

I am in CM district, and I looked forward to these concerts.

How dare he pull money from them to give to his "handlers".

Eric, you not only lost my vote, but my respect.

Anonymous said...


"Your out of here!!!"

Taxpayer said...

As least Addabbo had a brain!!

To cut one groups funding to "0" and hand the money over to one of your "supporters" group is just plain dumb.

And a great way to end a political career.