Friday, July 17, 2009

The St Saviour’s Farce Created by Holden, Nunziato and Wilkinson

From February 14, 2008 but it still is relevant today. Holden is still an idiot, Tony is still clueless, but Christina is getting smarter

Now the delusional minds of Robert Holden and Tony Nunziato want to pick up a crumbling church and move it to another location, not in Maspeth but to All Faith’s Cemetery in Middle Village. If the church has such an historical significance, why not place the church in Juniper Park where all can come learn about St Saviour’s? Why place it in cemetery where only mourners and devotees can view the church?

Sadly, Maspeth residents will soon realize that Bob and Tony don’t give a damn about them or their neighborhood. Unfortunately, Pol Pot and Tulips have more compassion for wood, stone and metal than for their fellow man. The two moronic marauders think they have a scheme to effectuate their evil plot for preservation domination leaving the St Saviour’s parcel of land behind to fend for itself.

Tony Numbnuts wants the public to believe that the $1 million dollars for the preservation of the church set aside by Councilman Gallagher and the City Council is available for this ridiculous plan to transplant the church to another location. This compels us to wonder whether Tony is either mentally retarded or he just doesn’t understand city government. We believe it is a combination of both.

Tony Tulips was a longtime member of CB 5 and is now a potential self proclaimed candidate for City Council yet he fails to understand even the basics when it comes to government. Nunziato is quoted as asking for the million dollars that Councilman Gallagher secured for the purchase and preservation of St. Saviour's Church and use that money for the cost of moving the church from one private location to another.

Tony is too ignorant, lazy and clueless to realize that this cannot happen without a City Council Budget Modification. Any transfer of funds from one city agency to another requires a vote of the entire city council in which a majority must vote in favor.

In addition, if the city is to acquire the property, there must be a strict adherence to the ULURP process (The Uniformed Land Use Review Process) which is mandated by law. This process allows for public debate and dialogue between the public, NYC Council, Community Board and Borough President. Consequently, this process could take well in excess of a year. It would have been much easier and time efficient if Sponge Bob and Twit Tony agreed to have the church saved and restored with reasonable development on site as originally proposed.

It is extremely sad that Tony is more interested in getting his name in the papers than understanding city government and the laws that govern its process. More importantly, Tony Tulips fails to recognize that we all see through his despicable charade. This political neophyte lacks not only the intellectual capability to be elected councilman; he also lacks the experience and institutional knowledge of government and its operation.

Consequently, the St. Saviour’s site will be the future home of an intrusive manufacturing plant while Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumber try to claim an empty victory. Let’s face it folks, the metal midgets from the JPCA executive board were never fighting to save a church or ensure that Maspeth gets more green space, all they care about is beating the Mayor, the Parks Department, the Landmarks Commission and Councilman Gallagher. But, thanks to Robert Holden, Tony Nunziato and the JPCA Executive board the only losers will be the residents of Maspeth.

Tony stick to watering flowers it’s what you know best!

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