Thursday, July 23, 2009

Russia Engineering U.S. Civil War Via Obama Citizenship Controversy?

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This is some heavy stuff....

My source has confirmed to me what up until now I have only been able to speculate was the case: Russian strategy is designed to split U.S. military forces between those that back their agent provocateur, Barack Obama, and those who back the Constitution.

It has been obvious throughout to those few of us who are aware of the elaborate deception carried out by the Kremlin communist criminals (who went to the extraordinary length, even for them, of staging the collapse of their own empire) that the installation of Barack Obama as president of the United States was their insidious doing. It is also well known by those in what I'll call the "Golitsynian" community that the ultimate goal of the worldwide communist revolution (begun by Lenin and continued today by the current occupants of the Kremlin and their subordinates in capitols throughout the world) is the destruction of the United States militarily, thus making the enslavement of the entire world at the hands of communists absolutely unstoppable. What has not been definitively known, however, is precisely the strategy they plan to employ in the "Final Phase" of their plan. Until now.

I have just been in contact with one of the foremost analysts of Russian/communist strategy, a man well connected with high-level sources in Moscow, and it has been explained to him and thus to me in no uncertain terms that civil war in the United States is in fact the end game that Kremlin strategists are in the process of implementing.

The information about communist agent (whether witting or unwitting is irrelevant) Obama's unquestionably disqualifying citizenship status has been available to be presented in the media, as well as among our nation's governmental elites, since last summer, and its suppression (by order of the Kremlin) was to be expected (for the obvious purpose of getting him elected). But, there are many in the communist stable the Kremlin could have picked to ascend the highest office in the land in order to continue the sovietization process in this country (and indeed Obama is not the first of their agents to be placed there), so the choosing of Obama, a man clearly disqualified from serving, indicated that an extraordinary operation was underway. It indicated, one way or another, that the Final Phase of the Shelepin Plan has been launched.

But what exactly is the Final Phase of the Shelepin Plan? The Kremlin strategists, having such an enormous strategic advantage as well as having (and in part as a result of)arranged the chess board of geo-politics and domestic U.S. conditions as they have, have innumerable options. The destruction of the American economy that is ongoing is their doing. Islamic terrorism is their proxy. Kremlin co-conspirators have taken power in the majority of countries in the world. This offers them many options to orchestrate the destruction of the "Main Enemy," and it is easy to speculate on the many moves they might make.

But there is no longer a need to speculate. I have absolute trust in my source, both in his credibility and his judgment, and my source has informed me that the U.S. military is to be split into opposing factions over the Obama citizenship issue, and civil war which will weaken and ultimately destroy the country will ensue. This is not his opinion, it is not the opinion of his sources. It is, rather, the plan. It is what the Kremlin intends. It is the Final Phase.

As the issue of Obama's citizenship is increasingly covered by the media, know that if it were so desired by the Kremlin, it would just as easily be suppressed. Now we know definitively why it won't be. Now we know the strategy that will lead to our destruction.

H.L. Shancken


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what does ogni-has-been think about this?

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and you spread this crap because?

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Paranoia! This site gets loonier each day. Keep it up... you're helping the GOP become to Gone Old Party

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Voters should have to show picture Id. I don't care if your Republican or Democrat!