Friday, July 10, 2009

Obama Ogles Butt but Can't See Economic Crisis

No wonder the economy is so screwed up. President Barack Hussein Obama is too busy looking at ass and not enough time focusing on the economy.


Anonymous said...

Some context on the photo.

Anonymous said...

YOU are such an asshole, Patrick.

Look at the CNN VIDEO of the event and you will see Obama turning to take the hand of the woman behind and to PRESIDENT Obama's right. He then assists her down the stairs.

He is NOT looking at the woman in red's ass because he is too busy looking over his shoulder at assholes like you who would ruin this nation.

Anonymous said...

patrick, are you aware of the video and just don't care enough to post facts, or do you actually believe your own lies?

either way, if this were true I would rather have prez who looks at ass in the WH then a prez who looks and acts like an ass.