Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Holden Screws Veterans Again!

Not so long ago Bob Holden prevented Vietnam Veterans from hosting the “moving wall” memorial at Juniper Park and now he wants to take away a veteran’s right to have a beer with family and friends according to the Forum West. They are reporting that the entire membership of the Juniper Park Civic Association opposed the Haspel Staab Post 551 State Liquor License application. This is a disgrace. I would like to know if the entire membership voted on this motion. Any member of the JPCA who is a veteran should demand an apology from Holden.

The Haspel Staab Post 551 should have the right to conduct parties in accordance with the law and no one should tell them otherwise. We owe a debt a gratitude to our veterans and should always find was ways to repay and thank them for them service.

The brave men and women who served in our Armed Forces have earned the right to enjoy themselves because it is our veterans who gives sniveling Holden the right to spew his venom.

Bob Holden should be ashamed of himself but then again he doesn’t really know any better. Holden will never understand the meaning of the words honor, duty, bravery and sacrifice, he just a vindictive shallow shell of a human being.

God Bless Our Veterans


Anonymous said...

What would you expect from this man? The only uniform he has ever worn has the words "Midville Dodgers" plastered across it.

Anonymous said...

Want a real laugh. See Tony's autobiography..