Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Como Named Rising Star?

It appears that our new councilman has been pounding the pavement and getting noticed by various media outlets. Giving him the title rising star, however, may be a bit premature, hey, but stranger things have happened.

I think if he doesn’t sing New York, New York during a council hearing, this kid may go places.

Anthony Como
City Council Member

Age: 34
Karaoke Song: “New York, New York,” by Frank Sinatra

Anthony Como needed just a few more credits to graduate with a major in political science from Queens College, so an advisor suggested an internship. After a few interviews, Como was invited to work at the office of State Sen. Serphin Maltese (R-Queens).

Within six months, Maltese offered Como a full-time position on his staff. Eventually, he became Maltese’s chief of staff. The experience was inspirational and taught him a love for public service, Como said.

But this year is when things began to really move. He won the special election to replace disgraced Council Member Dennis Gallagher, narrowly defeating Democrat Elizabeth Crowley.

This November, Como will face Crowley again—and, if he wins, possibly in another rematch next year, too.

When he is in need of advice, Como continues to turn to Maltese, who is facing his own close race this year.
“I make no qualms about it,” Como said of his fellow Queens Republican. “He’s been like a second father.”

How did your past jobs get you to where you are now? “Being a former prosecutor and chief counsel to the senator taught me how to best deliver—and know—what my district needs and how to provide for them. I’ve been in public service all my life.”

If you were not working in politics, what would you be doing? “If it wasn’t for politics, I’d still be a prosecutor. Being a prosecutor in the Queens County D.A.’s office—it’s one of the best offices I’ve ever worked for. He’s a great D.A. Love the camaraderie. Love the feel of the public service aspect.”

Five years from now, what is it going to say on your business card? “Hopefully, it’ll still say ‘Councilman.’”

From Am-NY

A 'bench team' for change

Councilman Anthony Como, one of three Republicans on New York City's 51-seat council, acknowledges the urgent need for party expansion.

Como, 34, said he and the Queens County GOP are establishing a "bench team" of qualified Republicans ready to run for office when there's an opening.

"We have to continue reaching out to various ethnicities," said the newly elected Como, who represents parts of Queens. "We have to look into the youth and get them interested. It's the only way to get the party to survive and to move the party forward."


Anonymous said...

my god, he's only 34? he looks like he's 54.

Anonymous said...

Who is that gorgeous thing in the purple top and black skirt?

Anonymous said...

gorgeous if you like big feet and fat legs

georgetheatheist said...

Belle Gambe!

(And the ladies' too! -woof, woof!)

Anonymous said...

Looks like their are only two republians on the city council now...