Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dizzy Lizzy Sells Soul to the Devil

Looks like Liz has sold her soul to Lucifer Holden. At a recent JPCA concert, the latest strange bedfellows have formed an unholy alliance on stage hoping that the two delusional losers can some how pull off a miracle win in November. It is amazing how quickly Holden can go from lambasting Dizzy Lizzy, calling her dimwitted, stupid, a political novice, a neophyte, an adulteress, a campaign finance fraud to gushing like a school boy playing spin the political bottle.

We wonder how Congressman Crowley feels about this partnership considering the dozens of attacks on his character in various issues of the Juniper Berry. We wonder how Christina Wilkenson feels about Bob Satan supporting the 'corrupt" County Machine appointed candidate. We wonder how Republican Candidate Tony Nunziato and his avid supporter Ed Kamperman feel about Demon Bob's support of the Democratic candidate. We wonder how Queens Crap feels about Holden supporting Bob Driscoll's previous client. Shame on you Bob for forsaking your friends!

It is amazing what people will do when desperate. Liz is desperate to win election at all cost even if it means to forgive Holden for all the vicious attacks on her and her family.

Holden continues to prove that he will do anything for his personal gain and retention of his imaginary power.


Anonymous said...

You make a claim that Crowley sold out to Bobby Holden. But you failed to explain how.

Be specific please. My and my neighbors' votes may depend on it.

Anonymous said...

Your adolescent naivete is stunning.

Time to become an adult. A grownup.

Get a grip on reality. Get your grip off your tiny willy.

Join the real world.

Anonymous said...

Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don't have brains enough to be honest.

Ben Franklin
"Poor Richard's Almanac"

Anonymous said...

You haven't said why you think they have joined forces. for those of us who weren't there please inform us.

what a terrible post - doesn't even explain why these claims are being made.

Anonymous said...

If Liz aligns herself w/Bob and Christina, she's going to cost herself more votes than she'll gain. People are fed up with the JPCA.