Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Christine Quinn Defines "Real" Irish Folk

Scandal plagued Speaker Christine "Slush Fund" Quinn has took it upon herself on NY1to define who are the "real" irish folk. According to Quinn, only those who marched in the All inclusive St Patrick's Day Parade on Sunday are true Irish.

This was shocking news to the millions of Irish who did not march in all inclusive parade. Quinn believes that if you are religious and believe in God or support traditional marriage and family or oppose sodomy than you are NOT Irish.

I wonder if the hundreds of thousands of people who will attend the March 17th St. Patrick's Day Parade know that according to Christin Quinn, they are not Real Irish Folk!

Is Quinn really being all inclusive by excluding people from being irish if they do not conform to her beliefs?

Maybe Christine Quinn wants to expel all states from the Union who do not pass gay marriage legislation or deport Americans who oppose gay marriage!

Will Speaker Quinn next strip the title of New Yorker from residents who don't support her failed leadership?

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Anonymous said...

Quinn - isn't she the one with the slush fund? She is anything but inclusive: she hates social conservatives and pro lifers and even sponsored a vigil in honor of George the Baby Killer Tiller, the notorious practitioner of partial birth abortion.