Wednesday, April 29, 2009

President Obama Must Be as High As Airforce One

President Obama is proving over and over again that he believes he is above the common folk and can do as he pleases to fulfill his frivolous desires. He obviously didn’t give a rat’s ass how the Airforce escorted by F-16s would alarm New Yorkers. His primary concern was getting that photo for the White House website. What an idiot.

Two F-16s, each of the fighter jets aloft for 1.8 hours:

One three-hour flight for an Air Force VC-25 (the military appellation of the jumbo jet that serves as Air Force One when the president is aboard):

Cost of the "photo-op" that cause panic in New York City

Cost to the citizens of New York City frightened by the flyover to freshen the photo files of the presidential aircraft: Still unknown.

But President Barack Obama, said to be "furious'' about the event, has ordered a two week inquiry into why it happened. Does it really take two weeks to discover that the president made a big mistake? Obama also has vowed that it won't happen again. Because Obama is going to “pass the buck” to an underling so he can claim no responsibility for the stupidity of the administration.

The Air Force has estimated the overall cost at $328,835, including fuel used in flight, fuel needed to power ground equipment that helped prepare the aircraft, and ground maintenance. Imagine what $328,835 could do for seniors struggling to pay for needed medications!

When asked about the incident Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood faulted the Federal Aviation Administration, part of his own agency, for not notifying him in advance of the stunt.
"I didn't know anything about it until we saw the news reports on every cable channel in the world," LaHood said today. "The FAA had been contacted, but nobody bothered to call us."

The Obama cabinet is filled with crooks and morons!


Anonymous said...

Obama saved my home fly whatever he wants over our City

Anonymous said...

If this is the only mistake our President makes he is ok in my book

Anonymous said...

Barack is my man! Keep up the good work fighting for those who have no fighter