Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Crappy Condemns Crowley

(The above photo from her campaign site also shows that she doesn't know the difference between Grand Avenue and Maspeth Avenue.)

Two separate conversations with City Council Members have revealed that Elizabeth Crowley indeed never lobbied her colleagues to vote down the Maspeth high school. One council member stated that a round of calls was made and during these conversations she basically just gave her reasons for voting against the school but did not ask them to vote no with her. Another council member said that she definitely could have defeated the school had she asked others to do so because she certainly would have had the votes. She also did not ask them to vote no on the floor of the council before the vote was cast.

Once again, here is Crowley's speech to the Council prior to the vote:

I believe the HS proposal we’re voting on today still needs work. As a council member it has been difficult accepting and agreeing on the Dept of Education’s policies, but I must thank Speaker Quinn for her continued hard work and support as I have worked through the difficulties associated with this proposal.

And while I do not agree with Deputy Mayor Walcott and the Dept of Education policies moreover their reluctance to give priority zoning to those who live closest to the school I do thank Deputy Mayor Walcott for his and the department’s focus over the past month on the Maspeth HS project.

I’d like to also thank my colleagues in this body, your knowledge and advice has been invaluable and I am grateful for your support.

I am voting No. Let me clear, I want a school in Maspeth, but I cannot agree with this plan.In an effort to alleviate the traffic and transit concerns raised by community [sic] I asked the Department of Education to compromise on a plan to allow this school to better address the needs and concerns of my community. They did not and as I [sic] result I do not support this plan.

As the plan stands now it does not have the approval of the community education council, it does not have the approval of the community board, it does not have the approval of the local civic association. It does not have the full support of local parents. It does not have the support of the local elected officials.

Interestingly, even the PTA of the local elementary school doesn't want it:

"I know we need more schools, but to have a high school, a junior high school and an elementary school within three blocks would bombard the neighborhood," said Gayle Lupo, a Maspeth resident and PTA president for PS 58.

Liz Crowley sold Maspeth out for benefit of the UFT and now its time for Maspeth to vote her out come November


Anonymous said...

Dennis, looking for your old job back?

Anonymous said...

Oh, i am not talking about councilmember. Your job prior to that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Dennis Gallagher, our area now has zero representation in the city council. The man is completely ineffectual and will now be spending most of his time defending himself against felony charges on taxpayer-funded time. For the good of the constituents he was elected to serve, Dennis Gallagher should resign and allow someone who is not under a cloud of suspicion – and actually wants to work – to take over the responsibilities he has been evading for some time now.

Anonymous said...

Resign from what?

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