Thursday, December 11, 2008


An email was sent to the Juniper Park Patriots with some interesting information regarding Councilwoman elect Elizabeth Crowley’s campaign finance expenditures. It appears that she paid $1800 dollars in rent to a company owned by her family (Surprisingly, she paid much lees for office space located in Atlas Park). Ready to Learn is was paid money for rent, however, the corporation does not own the building located at 67-52 79th Street. The building is owned by the Crowley family who is in arrears on their property taxes. Thankfully, when Liz pays the rent for the months of September, October and November they will be back in the black and actually turn a profit of $2248.02.

There are quite a few interesting expenditures and many contributions that may raise some eyebrows. Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself.

Full Contribution List

Is there a possible conflict of interest here?


Thomas said...

Can she really be that stupid? Paying rent to her mother for family gains? I hope that some person of authority exposes this political whore

Mike said...

Crowley is so corrupt that she'll make her lover Brian McLaughlin look like a boy scout

Anonymous said...

Let's see if our cracker jack local journalists finally do some investigative journalism