Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 18 and Elizabeth Crowley's Still Not Operational

Looks like Elizabeth Crowley still does not have her district office up and running. You would think that after 18 long days she would be able to start servicing the constituents of the 30th Council District. But we have to give credit where credit is due. We thought she would prove to be an abysmal failure as an elected official after a few months in office, however she exceeded our expectations by proving she is incompetent in less than 18 days. Way to go Liz!

Hey, let's look on the bright side, we only have to put up with her for another 288 days and then we can vote her out of office.


Anonymous said...

I heard she was waiting for her new office to be renevated. I see no work permits on the window. I think a partition was put up between the two office. Maybe some one could check with DOBif any permits are on file.

Anonymous said...

i hate to admit it but lorrianne from the jpca was right about liz.What a failure.

Anonymous said...

Why would you need to file, Elizabeth is above the law. No representation since she took office. Tax payer's money spent on an invitation to her public inuguration during these tough economic times. How many programs could have beed funded with these tax dollars spent. Another example of inexperience . Thank God for this November. Lets get the 30th back to experience. People know the real issues of your community. Listen to the people of the district. Do not be fooled by the propaganda of certain civic groups looking to further their political agendas. Talk to the seniors the youth groups the people who really dedicate their time.